The Dangers of Ear Candling: Why Health Canada Does Not Recommend It

by | Jun 27, 2023 | Client Resources, Earwax

Taking care of our ears isn’t just about avoiding harmful practices – it’s about making proactive choices for our ear health, too.

Ear candling, otherwise known as thermal-auricular therapy, is an age-old practice that’s seen a resurgence in popularity.

It involves placing a hollow, cone-shaped candle into your ear canal and lighting it at the other end. Supporters argue that this procedure can help with earwax removal, treating ear infections, enhancing hearing, and promoting relaxation.

Unveiling the Risks: Why Ear Candling Is Not Recommended

However, the reality is ear candling can be more harmful than beneficial. Here’s why:

Fire and Burns:

Any procedure that involves open flames near your face is risky, and ear candling is no exception. It’s too easy for your hair or clothing to accidentally catch fire, or for hot wax to drip into your ear, resulting in painful burns.

  • Ear Canal Blockages: Ear candles can sometimes leave behind bits of wax or debris, creating blockages in the ear canal. These obstructions can lead to discomfort, hearing loss, tinnitus (that’s a persistent ringing in your ears), and heightened risk of ear infections.
  • Damaged Eardrums: The act of inserting an ear candle into your ear canal carries the risk of puncturing or tearing your eardrum. This injury could lead to hearing loss, imbalance, or persistent ear issues that need medical intervention.

Questionable Earwax Removal:

Despite claims to the contrary, ear candling is not an effective way to remove earwax. In fact, studies show that the negative pressure created during ear candling can deposit even more wax into your ear canal.

Health Canada's Standpoint:

As your health advocates, Health Canada firmly discourages the use of ear candles. They do not recognize any therapeutic benefits from ear candling, and are well aware of the potential risks it carries. It’s crucial to remember that there are no scientific studies supporting the effectiveness of ear candling for any health condition.

Choosing the Safe Path for Ear Care

Taking care of our ears isn’t just about avoiding harmful practices – it’s about making proactive choices for our ear health, too. At Hear at Home, we understand the importance of professional, safe, and effective ear care.

That’s why we’re proud to offer expert earwax removal services for you.

Before we embark on any earwax removal procedure, we take a personalized, comprehensive approach. Our hearing specialists start by taking a thorough case history, which allows us to understand your unique ear health needs better.

Next, we use a video otoscope for a detailed visual inspection of your ear, enabling us to assess the degree of any blockage and determine the best method of earwax removal.

As certified and experienced professionals, we at Hear at Home are skilled in two methods of cerumen (earwax) removal: irrigation and manual removal.

Irrigation involves gently flushing your ear with warm water to dislodge the earwax. Manual removal, on the other hand, is carried out using special instruments under a microscope. 

Professional Earwax Removal

This allows us to carefully and effectively remove earwax without causing discomfort.

The choice between these two methods depends on your individual needs and the degree of your earwax buildup. Ear health is a journey, and we’d be honoured to accompany you on yours.

Take the first step toward better hearing and overall well-being today. Reach out to us at Hear at Home to schedule your professional earwax removal service. You can call us at (778) 340-1101.

Remember, your ears deserve the best possible care – and we’re here to provide it.

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