Advanced Hearing Healthcare that Travels to You

If you’re struggling with your hearing and don’t get around as well as you used to, you might be wondering, “Is there a mobile hearing specialist near me?”

You’re in luck!

Hearing health specialist assisting a patient remotely

Hear at Home has you covered with better hearing for a better quality of life. Our aim is to ensure that your hearing is not compromised just because you have mobility issues.

Many of those we serve not only struggle with mobility issues but also with self-isolation and feeling left out of conversations, which limits their ability to have an active social life and brings about emotional stress related to hearing loss.

Our hearing specialists are able to provide a quality comprehensive hearing assessment in the comfort of your home.

Helping you hear while staying safe is our priority. The members of our team of professionals have the expertise to meet all your hearing needs in the safety and comfort of your own home.

Our clients enjoy an active and independent lifestyle, feel safer and more secure and are able to enjoy relationships with family, friends and neighbours.

Eight Benefits of Mobile Service

8 Benefits

Our mobile hearing specialists provide expert hearing care services in your home, hospital and assisted living centre, such as mobile hearing testing, hearing aid selection and fitting and ongoing support like troubleshooting, maintenance and repair for your hearing aids. What benefits will you enjoy because we’re mobile?

  1. Reduced exposure to illnesses, such as COVID-19
  2. Essential service access to care facilities
  3. Reduced stress for those with mobility issues
  4. Reduced stress for family caregivers
  5. Convenient (saves family, patient, and caregiver’s time)
  6. More personalized care
  7. Fewer appointments needed
  8. Flexibility with evenings/Weekend visits available

Schedule a Mobile Hearing Care Appointment

If you’re homebound, struggle with mobility or are concerned about your safety in public, but need the advanced hearing healthcare a hearing specialist can provide, Hear at Home has you covered.

Just submit the adjacent form and one of our patient care associates will contact you to schedule a mobile hearing care appointment.

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