Hear at Home Helps with Veterans Affairs Canada Audio Services

Canadian veterans may be eligible for Audio Services provided through Veterans Affairs Canada. Individuals who meet the eligibility requirements will receive treatment benefits under the Veterans Health Care Regulations.

Basic Eligibility Requirements

Hearing loss and hearing disorders, such as tinnitus, that are diagnosed by a health professional may be eligible for hearing tests, the provision of hearing aids, and hearing aid accessories, as well as assistive devices and other services as listed in the audio services benefit grids.

Audio services eligibility is determined on a case-by-case basis in order to help restore veterans to a state of independent functioning and/or facilitate their social adjustment.

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What to Expect

Services Covered

The health care professional should dispense the following services to the extent required by the individual:

  • Hearing Assessments
  • Referral To A Physician Or ENT When Hearing Status Or Health Of The Ear Are Beyond The Scope Of Practice Of The Provider
  • Fitting, Adaptation, Verification, And Validation Of An Appropriate Hearing Aid Or Device
  • Orientation And Counselling On Its Optimum Use
  • Adjustments As Required
  • Follow-Up Of Client Satisfaction Following A Trial Period Of Ninety (90) Days
Jennifer Abbott with a a senior male assisting with Veteran Affairs benefit program

Hearing Aids

Hearing aids eligibility for Veteran Affairs Canada benefits

Hearing Aids that Qualify

Hearing aids that qualify can include instruments with various levels of technology (entry level, intermediate, and advanced), and various styles (BTE [behind-the-ear], ITE [in-the-ear], CIC [completely-in-the-canal], etc.) and are provided based on the level of hearing loss and demonstrated need for the requested technology or style.

Accessories which are not normally included in the original hearing aid (e.g., cords, dry aid kits, coatings, directional microphones, auto coils, filters, manual t-coils and remote control) may also be provided in cases where they are deemed necessary for the optimum use of the device.

Let Hear at Home Find Out If You Qualify

Hearing care and hearing aids represent a significant investment for which many individuals, especially those on a fixed income, need help. Fortunately, Hear at Home is a registered provider for Veterans Affairs Canada and we’re able to contact DVA for Authorization and submit all of the necessary paperwork on your behalf.

To authorize us to start the process of pre-authorization for Audio Services from Veterans Affairs of Canada, fill out and submit the adjacent form and one of our clientt care specialists will contact you.

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