Client Stories

Gordi Moore


“I’d be lost without them.”

Gordi says his hearing loss became apparent “when I was asking folks to repeat something they said.”

His mother had already been under Hear at Home’s care, so Gordi decided to try them for himself. He recalls, “In my case, my mother had received advice from Jennifer … She was 98 …. And I asked for a test for myself. At myfirst test, I was told I wasn’t ‘ready’ yet. A year later, a test showed a need for hearing help, so I purchased my new, at that time, aids.”

Thinking back to his first appointment, Gordi remembers, “I was happy with Jennifer’s helping attitude.”

Fast forward a few years and Gordi is still grateful for all the help he’s received from Hear at Home – and the significant difference his devices have made to his life. “I’ve been retested with the Phonaks that I have been wearing with good success for 3 or 4 years,” he says. “I insert the Phonaks first thing in the morning, every day. Remove them for showering, then remove them when I go to bed. I’d be lost without them.”

Gordi rates Hear at Home a 10/10 and advises prospective client, “I’d say go for it.”

– Gordi Moore

Maureen Huttons Hearing Story


“Excellent, caring service.”

Maureen has a heredity hearing loss, which first became apparent when she was in her teens.

Hear at Home not only comprehensively tested her hearing, but they also left Maureen with an everlasting positive first impression. She says, “They were professional, caring, ready to listen.”

Maureen’s experience with her new devices has been positive overall. She says they “help in some situations,” but there’s been “no big change in activities” yet.
She rates Hear at Home a 10/10, adding, “Excellent, caring service – always trying to get it better.”

– Maureen

Fred Dibartolomeo's Hearing Story


“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Hear at Home.”

Fred’s hearing loss not only made daily life difficult, but it also made his future seem uncertain. He recalls, “When I first noticed my hearing diminishing, I was frustrated and thought it was just another part of aging and there wasn’t really anything that I could do about it.”

Although he says he didn’t have any specific fears when he contacted Hear at Home, he admits he suspected that “all I was going to hear was a sales pitch and not a lot of results.”

However, it was soon clear that Fred’s future was looking bright. “My first impressions of Hear at Home were a) the knowledge of Jennifer was outstanding and b) her genuine compassion and caring to make my life better was very apparent,” he says.

“I can honestly say that having my hearing aids has changed my life tremendously,” Fred continues.“Not only are all of my conversations with others enhanced, as I’m not missing half of what is said to me anymore, but little things that I didn’t even realize I was missing, like the sounds of a bird singing, children laughing and the full impact of music in my life, are all back and as sharp as ever.”

Fred gives Hear at Home a 10/10 rating, adding, “I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Hear at Home after the outstanding service I have received and the level of success I have achieved with my hearing aids.”

– Fred Dibartolomeo

Clare Hetherington's Hearing Story


“This is the best choice you could make.”

When Clare’s husband began to struggle with his hearing, she immediately turned to Hear at Home. Her mother was already a client, and Clare had lots to say about her mother’s positive care.

“I was already familiar with Jennifer and her competent, professional and empathetic care through WVCC where my mother was a resident … [they were] extremely client with my mother’s difficulty with adapting at her age to something new like hearing aids.”

Clare is also grateful for her husband’s positive experience with Hear at Home. She says, “At first, he was very reluctant to pursue getting hearing aids, but Hear at Homemade it so easy and comfortable for him that he adapted quickly and happily to wearing them.”

Clare’s husband isn’t the only one to benefit from his new devices. She explains, “It has made a world of difference to have my husband hear me properly, especially since conversations on a diverse range of topics is an integral part of our relationship.”

Giving Hear at Home a 10/10 rating, Clare advises others, “This is the best choice you could make and I know you will be very happy and satisfied with the service and most importantly with your new hearing aids!”

– Clare Hetherington

Bonnie's Hearing Story


“Very professional and yet empathetic and caring.”

Bonnie realized she might have a hearing loss “when my children said they had to keep repeating things and I had the TV pretty loud.”

Prior to her Hear at Home appointment, Bonnie says she “wondered if it would hurt or if the aid would be noticeable.”

Thankfully, everything turned out well for Bonnie and she soon felt at ease. Bonnie noted that Jennifer is a “lovely person, very professional and yet empathetic and caring.”

Bonnie has worn her hearing aids for four years now and is delighted with the results.

She rates Hear at Home a 10/10 and encourages others, “Go. It’ll be fine. And it is important.”

– Bonnie

Nicole Abouhalka's Hearing Story


“I am no longer isolated.”

Although Nicole was already a hearing aid wearer, she was struggling to hear clearly. She says, “Voices and sounds seemed muffled.” And she couldn’t help but wonder, “Am I losing my hearing?”

Knowing that it was important to take action sooner than later, Nicole was determined to get to the root of the problem. She says, “Because I was wearing hearing aids already in Ontario, where I came from, I contacted the manufacturer of the device to ask about any hearing clinics around Vancouver. They gave me the name of Hear at Home.”

Despite the recommendation, Nicole says she was still worried about her upcoming appointment. “My biggest concern was, of course, the competence and the quality of service,” she says.

Little did Nicole know that she was in for a pleasant surprise. She says, “Jennifer Abbot was welcoming, respectful of myneeds and competent.”
Under Jennifer’s care, Nicole’s hearing has been vastly improved. She says, “I can share in a conversation, hear what goes on around me, watch TV. I am no longer isolated or a burden to my family.”

Giving Hear at Home a 9/10 rating, Nicole says she’d definitely recommend them and adds, “You have everything to gain. Go for it without any hesitation. One feels a concerned and resourceful friend in Jennifer and team.”

– Nicole Abouhalka

Ingeborg Brown's Hearing Story


“Definitely go.”

Although Ingeborg has experienced a hearing loss since childhood and had frequent hearing tests, she didn’t wear hearing aids until she was in her 40s. Even then, she was dissatisfied with the care she had received from another provider.

Reflecting on her experience, Ingeborg says, “I’m glad I waited for digital aids vs. analogue.I had very poor service from another provider who just wanted to sell me a productversus really engaging in my hearing loss issues and challenges.”

Fortunately, Ingeborg’s experience with Hear at Home was a game changer. “Jennifer was super friendly, came to my home and listened carefully to my concerns, both the challenges and the cosmetic concerns with wearing aids,” she explains. “She listened to my previous experiences to get a better understanding of how I was approaching my hearing loss.”

Ingeborg says her new devices “changed my world” as she found herself reengaging with the world around her. “I didn’t know that the indicator in a car made a clicking noise.My daughter put a bowl of Rice Krispies in front of me and said ‘Listen.’ Wow, they DO ‘snap, crackle n pop!’ And now with a baby granddaughter, I can hear her little voice.”

Giving Hear at Home a 10/10 rating, Ingeborg advises, “Definitely go to Jennifer.She’s not in business to sell products by specific manufacturers.She’s in business to help you hear your world better. I recommend Hear at Home all the time to friends and colleagues.”

– Ingeborg Brown

Rose Walter's Hearing Story


“Takes time to answer all your questions.”

Rose noticed conversations were becoming difficult. “I missed conversations as soon as three+ people were in the room,” she says. “It was frustrating.”

Faced with the prospect of needing hearing aids, Rose took it all in stride without any concerns. “My grandma already had a hearing aid. I was familiar with it.”

Rose’s appointment with Hear at Home was a “very positive” experience. Her hearing was comprehensively assessed, and Rose had the opportunity to discuss her lifestyle requirements, ensuring the right hearing aid would be prescribed.

The new hearing aids have been a huge success for Rose. She says, “Jennifer adjusted both hearing aids and now I hear normal and actually forget that I have in my ear a hearing aid. It became just like breathing – I don’t think to breathe and so I don’t think of the hearing aids either.”

Rose continues, “I strongly recommend to visit the clinic. Jennifer takes time to answer all your questions.” Hear at Home rates a 10/10, according to Rose.

– Rose Walter

Rose Walter's Hearing Story


“It will change your life!”

Maureen was struggling with hearing conversations, and she says, “My family were constantly telling me to have my hearing checked and I am so glad I listened!”

Making an appointment with Hear at Home was her next obvious step. After all, her husband was already a client with them. “I had absolutely no concern, as they helped my husband with his hearing aids.”

Maureen describes the team as “very friendly, efficient and so helpful and understanding.”

Her new hearing aids have also been a great success. “I am able to join in on conversations that I previously couldn’t hear,” she says.

Maureen happily gives Hear at Home a 10/10 rating and advises others, “Do not hesitate.It will change your life!”

– Maureen Hutton

Helen Murphy's Hearing Story


“I felt instantly at ease.”

Helen knew she had a hearing loss, but it took some time for her to seek help. “I was in denial and ignored it for quite a while,” she says.

Postponing treatment also created worry for her. “What if they couldn’t help because I had left it too long to seek help?”

Hear at Home did everything possible to reassure Helen. She recalls, “Jennifer was so welcoming and explained everything that would happen during the hearing test. I felt instantly at ease.”

Nowadays, Helen is enjoying her hearing to its fullest. She says her hearing aids have helped her “greatly.” She adds, “I don’t struggle to hear in meetings anymore. The clarity of words is a real gift.”

Rating Hear at Home a 10/10, Helen advises, “Give yourself the gift of hearing, you deserve it!”

– Helen Murphy

Margaret Smith's Hearing Story


“I feel more confident.”

When Margaret realized she needed hearing care, the first thing she was worried about was the cost. She says she also “wanted to make sure I had an accurate assessment of my needs.”

Needless to say, Hear at Home met her expectations. Margaret says, “I was impressed by the caring and kind attitude. Also, the convenience of being seen at home, as I was quite ill at the time.”

Pleased with her new devices, Margaret acknowledges, “I feel more confident.”

She rates Hear at Home a 10/10 and hopes others will give them a try. “Talk to Jennifer,” she suggests. “She will do everything possible to help you.”

– Margaret Eldridge


“Get your hearing tested.”

When Anna had a hearing appointment with Hear at Home, she was surprised to find out the results of her hearing assessment; it turns out she had a hearing loss. She says, “I never knew I had a hearing problem.”

Nevertheless, her first impressions were good. “I was happy to see Jennifer and know she can help me,” Anna recalls.

With her new hearing aids, Anna’s hearing is excelling. “I can hear, watch videos and TV,” she adds.

She rates Hear at Home a perfect 10/10 and advises potential clients, “Get your hearing tested so you don’t miss out on talks with family and nurses.”– Anna Palecek


“Go for it!”
Jane was troubled about her health and she didn’t know what was happening to her. A visit with Hear at Home soon found the cause of her issues.

“I thought I had a disease but went through all the steps and confirmed no,” she recalls. As it turns out, Jane was experiencing a hearing loss.

Her first impressions of Hear at Home were positive. Jane says, “Jennifer is very professional and easy going.” With her comprehensive hearing test completed, Jane was prescribed hearing aids.

Her new devices have helped her tremendously, particularly in noisy environments. “I think they have helped me to hear in crowds,” says Jane.
She gives Hear at Home a 10/10 rating and advises others, “Go for it!”

– Jane Thorntwaite


“Very professional and caring.”

Ivan realized his hearing was deteriorating when he “could not hear conversations at work.” Although he knew he needed help, he did have a few reservations about actually receiving it.

He says, “I felt worried about having to wear hearing aids. And my biggest concern was getting assessed correctly.”

However, Ivan’s appointment with Hear at Home made him feel much more at ease. He says they were “very professional and caring.”

Ivan’s prescribed hearing aids have made a huge difference to his life. “I wish I had got them sooner,” he says. Giving Hear at Home a 9/10 rating, he advises potential clients, “Definitely give it a try – there are no strings attached.”

– Ivan


“I highly recommend their service.”
When D. decided it was time to seek hearing loss treatment, “finding the right person to help me” was a main concern.

Hear at Home rose to the challenge and D.’s hearing was soon in good hands. D. was impressed with their care and says they are “very clean and organized.”

With the new hearing aids in place, D. notes a vast improvement in hearing all of life’s sounds.

Giving Hear at Home a 9/10 rating, D. says, “I highly recommend their service.”

– D


“Very helpful.”
Roberta realized she had a hearing loss when she found herself “missing conversations with family and friends.”

She decided to book an appointment with Hear at Home, and she is pleased with that decision. Describing them as “very helpful,” Roberta was prescribed hearing aids following her comprehensive hearing assessment.

Pleased with her Hear at Home experience, Roberta gives them a 9/10 rating and doesn’t hesitate to recommend them to others. “Absolutely go and get tested,” she says.

– Roberta Carpenter


“A genuine feeling of ‘people first.”

Like many prospective clients, Darlene had many concerns regarding finding a hearing care professional she could trust.

She recalls, “My biggest concerns were: wondering what to do about it, who to ask for recommendations, where to obtain reliable information.” Darlene also says she was worried about making the right choice and “spending needlessly” or “being taken advantage of.”

So, when she turned to Hear at Home, Darlene was relieved to find the exact opposite of what she feared. She says the team was “openly friendly, courteous and obviously willing to help.” She adds that there was also “a genuine feeling of ‘people first’ (both customer and staff).”

Following a comprehensive hearing assessment, Darlene was prescribed hearing aids. She is thrilled with the results. “I can hear and listen to a conversation,” she says. “Asking to repeat what was said is significantly less. Definitely less stressful for all concerned.”

Darlene rates Hear at Home a 10/10. She enthusiastically says, “DEFINITELY try out HaH (I love the HaH acronym by the way – it makes me smile).” Darlene also advises, “It’s really worth the time and effort to visit them first before making a decision.”

– Darlene


“Very caring and easy to understand.”
Anonymous realized they might have a hearing loss “when my kids complained!”

Prior to making an appointment with Hear at Home, Anonymous was concerned about “the cost and if I could handle them.” The first appointment went well and Anonymous says everyone was “very caring and easy to understand.”

Although Anonymous hasn’t purchased any new devices yet, they give Hear at Home a 10/10 rating and advise others, “Find out what’s happening with your health and be proactive.”

– Anonymous


“Go ahead and make an appointment.”

Sue first noticed her hearing loss when she found herself “just missing the odd word, then more words, especially in groups.” She says,“I had always prided myself on having very acute hearing, so I was pretty fed up!”

Prior to her appointment with Hear at Home, Sue says she was worried about “how aids would feel and look.” However, she felt more at ease before actually meeting her hearing care professional in person. She notes they were “very receptive to my first call and sounding confident they could help.”

With her initial appointment and hearing aid fitting now behind her, Sue is amazed by the difference in her hearing ability. She says, “I can hear most people well. Small children and women with soft voices sometimes are a challenge. I am not annoying people by frequently asking them to repeat. The volume of the radio or TV is no longer annoying folks.”

Sue advises potential clients, “Go ahead and make an appointment with Jennifer today to be tested. Then be guided by her in what is available to help you.”

– Sue


“She was so caring.”
June’s hearing loss was a result of an ear infection. Without hesitation, she decided to take action and seek help.

She found it at Hear at Home. June can’t recall any particular worries prior to her first appointment, but Jennifer made a positive impression on her that she hasn’t forgotten. “She was so caring,” says June.

Following a comprehensive hearing assessment, June was fit with hearing aids. She says they’ve helped her tremendously. “They are in first thing in the morning until bedtime,” June adds.

Giving Hear at Home a 10/10 rating, June encourages others to address their hearing challenges and find out how they can be helped as well. She says, “Call Jen at Hear at Home and she will tell you.”

– June Knight


“I was very grateful they made house calls!”

When Sharon’s mother, who had ongoing hearing problems, needed help, Sharon turned to Hear at Home. She says she had heard “good reports” about them and adds, “I was very grateful they made house calls!”

Sharon is pleased with the care her mother received, saying, “They helped my mother immensely.”

Giving Hear at Home a 10/10 rating, she highly recommends them to prospective clients. In fact, she says, “I have referred people.”

– Sharon Raymond


“They made a big difference.”

Sadly, Hear at Home lost a dear client, Carlo Gagno, in September 2022. However, his daughter Oriana Gagno is extremely grateful for the hearing care he received from Hear at Home.

Although her father found his hearing loss to be very frustrating, Oriana says she was “very happy they were able to come to my father” to help him with his hearing.

Her first impressions of Hear at Home were positive. She recalls they were “very efficient and professional.” Oriana also appreciates their flexibility. “Jennifer was able to do a Zoom call with my father and myself,” she says.

Oriana notes that the hearing devices her father was prescribed were extremely helpful. “They made a big difference with my father.”

Rating Hear at Home a 10/10, Oriana encourages others, saying, “Give them a try.They will accommodate by coming to your home or care home.”

– Oriana Gagno


“Very impressed.”
The COVID-19 pandemic played havoc with people’s lives in many different ways. For Cindy, it created the challenge of accessing hearing healthcare for her mother, Vivian.

Cindy recalls, “As family, we noticed a decline in Mom’s hearing about a year after she went into a care home and the start of COVID-19. [The challenge was] how to get my mom tested during the lockdown with COVID-19 restrictions, so could not attend an outside appt.”

Hear at Home was available to help. Cindy says she was “very impressed with the professionalism and the caring personality of Jennifer.” Jennifer assessed Vivian’s hearing and prescribed suitable hearing aids for her.

While the hearing aids made life easier for Vivian initially, her health has now created further hearing challenges. Cindy notes, “At the beginning, they were extremely beneficial but less so now with her Alzheimer’s progression.”

Nevertheless, Cindy gives Hear at Home a 10/10 rating and says she would “recommend them without hesitation.”

– Cindy Mensing on behalf of Vivian Hain


“Better hearing has improved all aspects of my life.”
Cindy recalls the moment she realized she had a hearing loss. “I was talking to a friend at a Christmas get together when I couldn’t hear a word she was saying because of the background noise,” she says.“I didn’t want to admit I needed help.”

Prior to her appointment with Hear at Home, Cindy had one issue to resolve. “I worked through my idiotic idea that a hearing aid meant I was super old!” she admits.

Cindy’s appointment went better than she could’ve imagined, and she says, “I’m100% happy I called them. They are very professional and helpful to you in every way possible before and after getting a hearing aid. Plus, all in the comfort of your home.”

The devices Cindy now wears have been a success. “Better hearing has improved all aspects of my life,” she says.

Rating Hear at Home a 10/10, Cindy hopes others in her situation will give them a try. “I would urge them to follow through,” she concludes. “They are in good hands!”

– Cindy Stewart


“Staff were so helpful, accommodating.”
Kathryn’s mom was already a hearing aid wearer. Sadly, when Kathryn’s father died, her mom’s hearing ability was unknown, but she was clearly struggling.

Kathryn explains, “With the loss of my father who looked after her hearing, I had no idea that the programming in her hearing aids was so out of date. As well, she had not had a proper hearing test for some time. Mom was struggling to hear us on the phone and at times when we talked to her.”

Prior to making an appointment with Hear at Home, Kathryn was worried about the logistics of getting her mom help. “My biggest concern… crossing my fingers they would come and help Mom. It was too much of a challenge to take Mom out of her extended care facility to do ahearing test and get new hearing aids.”

Fortunately, Hear at Home made things easy for Kathryn and her mom. She recalls, ”The staff were so helpful, accommodating, they put me at ease they would be able to test Mom’s hearing and fit her with new hearing aids and bring them to her. What a relief to put Mom into their care and expertise.Mom can hear better and we chose rechargeable hearing aids so she would not have to fuss with batteries.”

Kathryn gives Hear at Home a 10/10 rating and advises others, “Put your hearing needs into the hands of Hear at Home Mobile Hearing. Staff came to Mom where she lived, tested her hearing, discussed options for hearing aids and when they were ready, the staff delivered them in person to Mom.”

– Kathryn


“Don’t wait.”
Pamela became aware of her hearing loss nine years ago. However, she was reluctant to get hearing aids. She says, “I didn’t think I needed them. My husband did.”

Hear at Home gave Pamela a comprehensive hearing assessment which confirmed her husband’s suspicions. Now, Pamela is happy she went ahead with her appointment – her results have been amazing!

She says her new hearing aids have “been fantastic” and adds, “Most people don’t know I wear them.”

Giving Hear at Home a 10/10 rating, she advises, “Do it now. Don’t wait.”

– Pamela Shearar


“They have made all the difference.”
Sarah’s mother Libby had lost much of her hearing, and this was creating some tough challenges for everyone. Sarah says, “It made it difficult for her to make out what we were saying to her, causing frustration for all.”

Hear at Home came to the rescue and Sarah couldn’t be happier with the results. She really appreciated their “very kind, efficient, instructive and caring help.”

Libby is doing well with her new devices. Sarah says, “They have made all the difference for my mum and us.”

Rating Hear at Home a 10/10, Sarah encourages everyone, “Go for it!”

– Sarah Chester on behalf of Libby Chester, aged 95


“Call immediately!”

Brian noticed that he was having difficulty understanding his daughter, often having to ask her to repeat herself. He says, “I did not want to be isolated from family and friends.”

That’s where Hear at Home stepped in. “My first impressions were very positive. Jennifer was responsive, thorough and competent.” Following his comprehensive hearing assessment, Brian was fitted with hearing aids.

Now, Brian doesn’t worry any longer about missing any precious moments. “They have made communication with family and friends much easier and more pleasant,” he says.“I can hear movies, too!”

Brian highly recommends Hear at Home and rates them a 10/10. “Call immediately!” he urges potential clients.

– Brian Gibbard


“They made a social life possible for me.”
Jonathan remembers when he discovered his hearing loss even though it’s been decades since that moment. “It was in about 1970; I was lying in bed, listening to music on the radio, when I turned over so that my good ear was on the pillow.The music suddenly sounded thin and tinny, and I realized that I had trouble with my right ear,” he recalls.

Prior to his first Hear at Home appointment, Jonathan says he had no worries or concerns. He says, “I had heard enough good things about Hear at Home to have no fears concerning it.”

Hear at Home didn’t let Jonathan down. Thinking back to his appointment, he says, “I remember vividly that they were extremely favourable.”

Jonathan is happy with his new devices, saying, “They have made a social life possible for me, which it wouldn’t have been without them.”

When asked what advice he would give to others who struggle with their hearing, Jonathan says, “You couldn’t do better than consulting Hear at Home.”He rates them a 10/10.

– Jonathan Bennett


“It’s so convenient!”

Shirley says her hearing loss occurred “a long time ago” and acknowledges “it was frustrating for myself and my family.”

However, these days she turns to Hear at Home for her hearing care. Remembering her first appointment, Shirley says, “It was very convenient, and Jennifer was excellent.”

Happy with her latest pair of hearing aids, Shirley says, “They’ve greatly improved my life because I can communicate ‘normally’ with my friends and family.”

Shirley gives Hear at Home a 10/10 rating and advises prospective clients, “It doesn’t hurt to call them in for a consultation. It’s so convenient!”

– Shirley “Jessie” Livingston


“Please contact the clinic.”
One day, Janet suddenly found herself on an unexpected journey. She recalls, “My daughter thought I should have my hearing checked. This was about six years ago, and I hadn’t even realized it! I was a little upset, but when I went to hearing clinic, it was very true!”

Janet was diagnosed with a hearing loss. She had hoped to get treatment at her local clinic, but they closed without notice. Janet was referred to Hear at Home and finally she would get the help she needed.

“The technician who gave me an audiogram was extremely nice, as well as being efficient,” Janet recalls.

Pleased with the care she’s received, Janet rates Hear at Home a 10/10. She says she would highly recommend them and advises others, “Please contact the clinic.”

– Janet Johnston


“I dread the thought of not having hearing aids now!”
Recalling the moment he noticed his hearing loss, Jay says, “It was a gradual realisation, really. I knew I had hearing loss due to my activities as a musician when I was younger, but the real realisation was when my wife pointed out that it was getting really hard to have a conversation with me. Listen to those who love you when they tell you as much!”

Jay decided not to put off his hearing care. “Once I realised how bad my hearing had become, I was eager to find a solution,” he says.

Jay made an appointment with Hear at Home and summarizes it as “all positive!” He continues, “Having the tests in my home made a HUGE difference in the experience. I had gone to a clinic and that environment was much less comfortable. The results of Jen’s testing were exactly what they found in the clinic, with isolation booths, so I felt even more confident about it as a result.”

Giving Hear at Home a 10/10 rating, Jay can’t say enough positive things about his hearing devices, saying they’ve changed his life in “so many ways.” He explains, “It is so much easier to participate in socialising and not feel quite so isolated in a loud social environment. Also, the Bluetooth connection to my phone changed how I communicate and also watch streaming media. I dread the thought of not having hearing aids now!”

To anyone considering an appointment with Hear at Home, Jay says, “Just do it! You won’t regret it!”

– Jay MacDonald


“Give them a chance to help you.”
For Shirley and many others, hearing loss can be a gradual process. “It came to me slowly that I was missing much of the conversations,” she recalls.

Shirley says she didn’t have any concerns prior to her appointment with Hear at Home and notes, “It was great to have a house call.” During her appointment, Shirley’s hearing was comprehensively tested before she was given the best options to treat her hearing loss.

Now, with her new hearing aids, Shirley is fully enjoying conversations again and says she has “a much better understanding of all conversations.”

Shirley rates Hear at Home a 9/10 and says, “Give them a chance to help you.”

– Shirley Brown


“Go see them ASAP.”
Dennis says he was “missing conversations from my left side.” This left him wondering, “Can you have stronger aids from one side?”

Meanwhile, Dennis’s wife was also struggling with her hearing, but she was unable to leave the house. Hear at Home was more than willing to help the couple out.

“Jennifer came to our home and helped her with her hearing issues,” says Dennis.

And as for Dennis? “I can hear normal conversations,” he continues.

Pleased with the thorough and convenient care they received from Hear at Home, Dennis rates them a 10/10 and highly recommends them to others. “Go see them ASAP,” he insists.

– Dennis Shears


“Made me feel a bit special.”
Barbara was surprised to learn that her hearing wasn’t as good as she thought it was. “I was told I didn’t answer my neighbour’s children,” she says. “This made me very concerned that this happened due to hearing loss.”

However, Barbara wasn’t going to let this news get her down. In fact, she says, “I was going to a new adventure, looking forward to it.”

Barbara is pleased that she made an appointment with Hear at Home. She recalls her appointment was “very pleasant” and adds, “It made me feel a bit special.”

Now, as a hearing aid wearer, Barbara says, “I am able to hear everything, feel better about myself.”

She encourages those in a similar situation to “go now.” She rates Hear at Home a 10/10.

– Barbara Gillingham


“Jennifer was very client”

Jennifer was very client and helpful getting my mother set up with her first hearing aids. Mom was admitted to Hospital part way through the fitting process. Jennifer and Hear at Home staff were very client waiting for Mom to recover. Mom was able to adjust to the new hearing aids very nicely.

– Katherine S


“It was like a switch came on..”

I want to express my sincerest appreciate the for the support that Hear at Home provided. My mother is in LTC and lost her hearing aid. Jennifer and team were able to get a replacement rushed out. She also made a special trip to delivery and fit my mom with her hearing aid on a weekend. Far above and beyond any expectation. Without a hearing my mom is completely isolated. It was like a switch came on when she got her replacement. She was connected again, and it was great! Not only does the Hear at Home team provide great service, but they also truly care for their clients. I cannot say enough about how much they have helped improve my mother’s quality of life.

– Jason A


“I would give 6 stars if possible”

Jennifer and Emma are great! My Aunt is in a Care Facility and Jennifer goes to see her for everything. Her initial fitting and subsequent visits are all done onsite and my Aunt is very happy with her. All requests for help/batteries etc are handled promptly. I could not recommend them more – would give 6 stars if possible. Do not hesitate to deal with this business – you will be very satisfied.

– Anon


“Kind, client & never rushed”

I very much appreciate Jennifer’s visit to the assisted living facility to assess my mother’s hearing. She was very kind, client (never rushed) and thorough. She cleaned my mother’s hearing aids (which one of the staff had told me they would not use because they were dirty and finicky) and recommended that my mother have her ears flushed. She also sent me a video on how to change the wax guards in future. We could not have received better service! Highly recommended!

– Anon


“It Is A Small World, But One Where The Best Of The Best Rise To The Top; Jennifer Is One Of Them.”

Jennifer, carrying pieces of heavy looking equipment, arrived on our doorstep!

My husband, Don, experiencing some hearing loss, had learned of, and invited Jennifer through recommendations from several of his colleagues.
I can still picture Jennifer’s approach: professional, purposeful and altogether personable, as she carried out her varying tests relative to Don’s hearing needs.

I was very impressed, and made a mental note that when and if it came to my own hearing needs, it would be Jennifer to whom I would search out and call upon.

Fast forward to 19 July, ’23, when I had my own hearing tested, not in my dining room, but in Jennifer’s new, and brightly appointed “Hear at Home” office and clinic, established in 2022, at #12 3721 Delbrook Ave., North Vancouver, B.C., V7N 3Z4., and staffed by Emma, Rylee and Crystal.

By chance, while in the office, I met a gentleman who had known my husband and had recommended Jennifer’s original Hearing expertise.
Yes, it is a small world, but one where the best of the best rise to the top; Jennifer is one of them.

With many thanks, Mary.

– Mary

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