Advanced Hearing Healthcare That Travels to You in Whistler, BC

Is your hearing not as sharp as it once was, making it inconvenient for you to travel for essential healthcare? Worry not! Hear at Home Mobile Hearing Service is pleased to extend its advanced hearing healthcare services directly to your doorstep in Whistler, BC.

Our skilled team of hearing care professionals provides a comprehensive hearing assessment as well as customized hearing aid fitting, maintenance, and repair – all from the cozy and private environment of your own home.

This allows you to continue enjoying an active and independent lifestyle while fostering a greater sense of security and comfort. Reconnect effortlessly with family, friends and your community without leaving your home.

Residents of Whistler can also benefit from our range of assisted listening devices, programs offered through Veterans Affairs and Social Assistance, as well as professional earwax removal services at our North Vancouver location, enhancing both your quality of life and hearing health.

A Brief History of Whistler

Whistler, BC is world-renowned as a premier destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Nestled in the Coast Mountains, it gained international fame as one of the host cities for the 2010 Winter Olympics. Initially inhabited by the Squamish and Lil’wat First Nations, the area gradually transformed from a logging community into a year-round resort destination known for its ski slopes, mountain biking trails and vibrant arts scene.

The community’s economy primarily revolves around tourism, attracting millions of visitors each year for skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, golfing and other outdoor adventures. Whistler Blackcomb is not just a winter paradise; it also offers a wide array of summer activities, making it a versatile tourist magnet.

Culture is equally celebrated in Whistler, with venues like the Audain Art Museum and the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre offering glimpses into the artistic and indigenous heritage of the region. Annual events such as the Whistler Film Festival and the World Ski & Snowboard Festival add zest to the local community, making Whistler a dynamically enriching place to live or visit.


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Our Services

Comprehensive Hearing Tests

Know the Truth About Your Hearing

Hearing loss comes on slowly, which means that family, friends and coworkers are likely to recognize it before you do. Though it might be frustrating to have to listen to their caring advice, a hearing test is the first step toward making a decision that will not only result in better hearing health butalso improve your quality of life.

The only way to know the truth about your hearing is a non-invasive comprehensive hearing assessment. However, many people put off hearing tests, though 54% of Canadians aged 40 to 79 (8.2 million) have at least mild hearing loss. Worst of all, leaving your hearing challenges untreated does extensive damage and leads to a more advanced level of hearing loss as well as other negative health conditions, such as depression, anxiety, cognitive decline, and balance disorders.

Hear at Home’s hearing care professionals travel to wherever you are in order to provide you with a highly accurate comprehensive hearing assessment using state-of-the-art equipment to provide you with the truth about your hearing.

Jennifer Abbott, Hearing Aid Practitioner and Founder of Hear At Home Mobile Hearing Clinic
Hearing aid mobile hearing clinic
Advanced Hearing Aid Technology

Delivering Advanced Hearing Aid Technology to Your Home

Most people think of the bulky, clunky gadgets their parents or grandparents struggled with whenever someone mentions hearing aids. Fortunately, you can put those outdated stigmas to rest because hearing aid technology has come a long way in the past couple of decades.

In the same way that cell phones became smaller, lighter, and more powerful, advancements in micro-digital and nano-digital technology have made it possible to make hearing aids smaller, lighter, and more discrete while enhancing their sound processing capabilities. The modern hearing aids available from Hear at Home are more powerful, feature long-lasting rechargeable batteries, include programmable and automated noise cancellation, and have the capacity to stream music, phone calls, and audio from your smartphone, television, PC, or other digital devices directly to your hearing aids.

With advanced hearing aid technology delivered to you in the comfort of your home, you’ll not only be able to enhance your hearing, but also amplify your quality of life.

Earwax Removal

Deal with Your Earwax Issues the Right Way

When earwax builds up, your ears might feel stuffy or full, voices and sounds might become muffled, you could experience ringing in your ears, or your ears might ache from the pressure. Earwax removal provides the relief you need when you deal with it the right way.

Earwax is nature’s way of lubricating and cleaning your ear canal, which means it is necessary in order for you to have healthy ears, but when it becomes impacted, the result can be temporary or sudden hearing loss, feelings of fullness, dizziness, headaches, balance issues, infections, ringing in the ears, and/or ear pain. Unfortunately, attempting to remove earwax at-home with a cotton swab or some other object is the most common cause of impacted earwax.

Our earwax removal expert at Hear at Home’s Delbrook clinic in North Vancouver provides the safest, most effective way to deal with your earwax challenges so you can enjoy better hearing and healthier ears.

Certified hearing aid practitioner performing earwax removal


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