Jennifer from Hear at Home came to Courtyard Terrace May 2016 to inform the tenants about hearing loss and the progression of it along with some solutions that individuals might find useful in the event that they are in that situation. The talk was informative and all 24 of the tenants sat listening for over an hour; some even staying longer to ask questions.

Jennifer’s easy, kind and professional manner, as she quickly reshuffled the seating arrangements for those with hearing difficulty, endeared her to the tenants – it was more than clear, through her actions, that she cared about these individuals, strangers though they may be.

The information session helped both staff and tenants understand more thoroughly the tell-tale signs of dealing with the stress, difficulty and denial that may result from progressive hearing loss. It was only with prodding at the very end of the session that Jennifer touched briefly on the Hear at Home services that she offers and the cost of such services.

One of the best Wellness Clinics of the year both tenants and staff were impressed with not only the information but with the easy and friendly manner in which Jennifer conducted the whole session. We at Courtyard Terrace were delighted that Jennifer agreed to share her time and knowledge with us.

Thank You Jennifer


Pauline Leahy
Recreation Coordinator, Courtyard Terrace