A few years ago my elderly father began losing his hearing, so I asked the nurses at his care home who they would recommend for a hearing test. Hear at Home was the immediate recommendation. Jennifer Abbott, their registered hearing aid specialist made everything so easy.. from Dad’s first hearing test (done in facility), to taking wax mold impressions, to making a call to the Veterans Association to apply for coverage on his behalf. 3 weeks later she presented us with brand new, state of the art hearing aids, and spent lots of time showing us how to fit them properly, and maintain them on a daily basis. Jennifer even brought a one year supply of batteries and cleaning tools! She made a follow up visit to ensure everything was perfect. We couldn’t have asked for more!

It’s been several years now, and whenever there is a need to call for help. Jennifer is there! She goes well above and beyond the call of duty, listens to all of our concerns carefully, then follows through with the finest customer service I have seen in years. Hear at Home is hands down the best company to deal with for all of your hearing needs. Thank you Jennifer for making everything so easy!

Carole Vickers and family