Giving Back To The Community We Serve

At Hear at Home, we’re thrilled to share our latest collaboration with the North Shore Crisis Services Society, an organization renowned for its unwavering dedication to offering supportive housing and trauma-informed services to women and children on the North Shore. This partnership epitomizes our commitment to improving community well-being through empathetic care and assistance.

As a woman-led enterprise with an entirely female team, we deeply connect to this cause. Our goal is to empower the North Shore Crisis Services Society, enabling them to furnish a secure refuge for women and children facing violence and abuse, alongside providing essential programs for those in dire need.

Giving Back

North Shore Crisis Services Society

Contributions to the North Shore Crisis Services Society will be transformative, offering families a secure environment, a nurturing community, and access to services that would be otherwise unattainable.

This alliance is more than a pledge; it symbolizes the impactful union of community bodies working collectively to bring about significant change in the lives of the vulnerable.

We encourage our clients, employees, and the wider community to stand with us in backing this important initiative. Your engagement, whether by participating in forthcoming events, sharing information, or making a personal contribution, is vital for the flourishing of this partnership and the crucial services provided by the North Shore Crisis Centre. For those that would like to donate

North Shore Crisis Services Society