Hearing Health – How to Safely Remove Earwax

Keeping your ears clean and free of wax buildup is essential for hearing ability as well as comfort. Excessive accumulation of wax in the ear can end up causing clogging in the canal resulting in hearing difficulties. So, how can you remove such clogs effectively and safely without damaging your ears? What is Earwax? Earwax, […]

The Crucial Importance of Binaural Hearing

Perhaps you have wondered at some point why we have two ears instead of just one? The main reason for having an ear on each side of our head is to achieve sound localization or directional hearing. In other words, being able to accurately pinpoint the origin of sounds of our environment. This is not […]

Avoid Hearing Loss With Responsible Headphone Use

Headphones are an extremely popular item to be paired with the numerous devices we use on a daily basis. Whether they be used for exercise, commuting, or just listening to your favourite music, podcasts, or shows, they tend to get a lot of play in daily routines. We often associate noise-related hearing loss with people […]