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Vancouver Hearing Loss & Treatment Testimonials

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The highest compliment we can receive is a referral from one of our clients. We pride ourselves in our service and quality of products we can supply to you. We appreciate your comments, testimonials and reviews.

Take some time to read through our client testimonials and learn more about what Hear at Home can offer you in the near future.

What our Clients have to Say About Us & Our Mobile Hearing Clinic

Hi Jennifer

A big thank you for making a scene like this possible. Mom has adjusted to using the pocket talker quite easily and the clean ears have definitely helped as well. My oldest son said it was the best visit he had had with her in years. He and his wife and the two girl were just there on Wednesday and as you can see from the photo, she was able to engage with her great granddaughters and they with her.
As for me, it feels again that we can have actual conversations with a real back and forth for a change. Certainly much less of the repetitive questions which I now guess she was using to fill in the blanks for what she was not hearing.
So a huge note of appreciation for improving the quality of her life and our family time with Mom. Wish now that we had taken this step years ago!
Happy Holidays Jennifer and a terrific 2019!


THANK YOU very much for speaking with the seniors group in our Summer Tuesdays - Active Living for Seniors Program by NSNHouse. You compassion for seniors is clearly evident. Your special in-home assessments and ability to fit hearing aids is most helpful for seniors. Your offered suggestions on how to prevent hearing loss and explanation of the physical changes related to hearing loss. This gives more understanding of others who struggle with hearing.

Lori Wall
Active Living for Seniors - NSNHouse Summer Tuesdays 2012

On behalf of the Recreation & Rehab team, I want to thank you very much for taking the time to teach us about hearing aids! Very helpful!

Susan, OT
Evergreen House

The way Jennifer cares for her business, and her genuine care for her clients, made working with Hear At Home an exceptionally rewarding experience. It’s people/practitioners like with Hear At Home that inspire me as an upcoming practitioner to want to pursue helping people regain the ability to hear. Because of the unique way the company operates being 100% mobile, I was able to have experiences that are not likely to happen working in a standard office setting. After seeing the behind the scenes of what happens at Hear At Home, I would not hesitate to refer anyone and everyone to them to receive honest and thorough care.

Student Practitioner

I have been dealing with Jennifer Abbott at "Hear at Home" for 2-3 years and I wouldn't be more happy with her service. She is exceptionally kind, thoughtful, responds to your messages promptly and does everything she can to help you with ANY problems to do with the hearing aids. She has been a god sent to me. It's a great service, and thanks.

R. Shellard

Thank you for your quick attention and service. The unit I borrowed from Karen worked very well for my dad. It will be wonderful having him hear us again


A few years ago my elderly father began losing his hearing, so I asked the nurses at his care home who they would recommend for a hearing test. Hear at Home was the immediate recommendation. Jennifer Abbott, their registered hearing aid specialist made everything so easy.. from Dad's first hearing test (done in facility), to taking wax mold impressions, to making a call to the Veterans Association to apply for coverage on his behalf. 3 weeks later she presented us with brand new, state of the art hearing aids, and spent lots of time showing us how to fit them properly, and maintain them on a daily basis. Jennifer even brought a one year supply of batteries and cleaning tools! She made a follow up visit to ensure everything was perfect. We couldn't have asked for more!

It's been several years now, and whenever there is a need to call for help. Jennifer is there! She goes well above and beyond the call of duty, listens to all of our concerns carefully, then follows through with the finest customer service I have seen in years. Hear at Home is hands down the best company to deal with for all of your hearing needs. Thank you Jennifer for making everything so easy!

Carole Vickers
and family

Jennifer kindly agreed to come and speak about hearing at three North Shore seniors residences where I provide programming for the residents. She gave an engaging presentation covering a numbers of issues around hearing loss as we age including stages people go through when their hearing declines, what to expect when getting your hearing tested and practical advice about purchasing hearing devices. Jennifer's talk generated many questions and spirited discussion among the residents attending. I listened to the presentation 3 times and learned something new at each session, including strategies on how to cope with my husband's hearing decline. A big thank you to Jennifer for giving of her time for these very necessary information presentations. We all need to learn the basics of hearing loss.

Marilyn Cheveldayoff
Vancouver Coastal Health

Enough cannot be said in praise of Hear at Home Mobile Hearing Clinic founder Jennifer Abbott . How wonderful it was to have her come to my home and do my hearing test, make her assessment and order my hearing aids. She returned for fittings and follow ups. All this was done without any pressure to buy which had prevented me from going ahead with any decisions regarding my hearing loss with other companies. Her ongoing service is exemplar. She is always there when needed. Having had a couple accidents with my hearing aids, I speak very knowledgeably of this service. I also hope that everyone is aware of the work she does with seniors in care facilities which is so important. I highly recommend Jennifer and her mobile hearing clinic.

Anne Kenway

Jennifer, your service and knowledge are great, and really helped point us in the right direction. Your genuine care for your clients really comes through in your work. You have been most helpful in this process and I wanted to thank you again for your graciousness.

Salimah J

Working at Hear at Home has truly been an eye-opening and rewarding experience. As a student practitioner who is new to the hearing healthcare field, transitioning to real working environment can be a nervous process. However, Jennifer Abbott and Jennifer Cowtan have been kind, knowledgeable, and patient as they help me acquire the skills I need to succeed in my role. This same sense of professionalism and warmth are consistently seen in their work. I can tell that both Jennifer genuinely care for their clients and their dedication inspire me to make a difference in the lives of those with hearing loss.


I wanted to write a short note to commend “Hear At Home Mobile Hearing Clinic”. I am so happy we found you. You fitted my father with his first hearing aids when he was 85 years old. Over the last two years the quality of his life has been immeasurably improved. It changed our lives too because we could finally communicate again.

Dad tells me repeatedly how happy he is with the hearing aids. You may recall he was resistant at first but now would not go a single day without them. I don’t think there can be a better recommendation than that. He hears the world around him and he is fully engaged in conversation. He is part of the world again.

We have been very impressed with your service. One thing I really admired was that you did not represent any one brand of hearing aid. Your commitment was to find the right fit and type of aid for my father. Having all the testing, fitting and follow ups performed in his home made the process very easy and I would go so far to say pleasant. You were more like a friend coming over for a visit.

I wanted to also say what a kind and patient person you are. You spent hours working with my father. Your time wasn’t limited to just a one hour appointment and then on to the next patient. Every step of the process was handled with your utmost attention and caring.

Recently dad pulled off a small piece of his earpiece. One of your staff came by his home, repaired the item and then left without even a charge.

It has been a pleasure working with you. We are most grateful for your expertise and continued efforts.

Rita Williams
West Vancouver, BC

From the day my 88 year old mom and I met Jennifer from Hear at Home, the service has always been friendly, professional and efficient. Jennifer and her staff have been so kind and helpful. They have supported us when we needed assistance in picking the right hearing aid. The staff pops by the house whenever I have asked for some assistance with batteries, adjustments etc. and they are always so pleasant and helpful, they never make you feel like an imposition. I would highly recommend Hear at Home to adult children with parents needed hearing aids. Our entire experience has been positive and very rewarding as my mom’s hearing has improved and she is much happier being able to hear all the conversations going on. It is rare that you get the one to one customer service these days but Jennifer and her team really do provide such a service. They go above and beyond!



I have to say, that yesterday's was the most enjoyable and informative hearing test I've ever had. Jennifer Cowtan was most knowledgable and professional, explaining the purpose of each test clearly and taking the time to go over the results. Hear at Home offers a unique combination of home care service with state of the art medical technologies. I know my hearing is now in good hands.

Thanks H@H!


Jennifer from Hear at Home came to Courtyard Terrace May 2016 to inform the tenants about hearing loss and the progression of it along with some solutions that individuals might find useful in the event that they are in that situation. The talk was informative and all 24 of the tenants sat listening for over an hour; some even staying longer to ask questions.

Jennifer's easy, kind and professional manner, as she quickly reshuffled the seating arrangements for those with hearing difficulty, endeared her to the tenants - it was more than clear, through her actions, that she cared about these individuals, strangers though they may be.

The information session helped both staff and tenants understand more thoroughly the tell-tale signs of dealing with the stress, difficulty and denial that may result from progressive hearing loss. It was only with prodding at the very end of the session that Jennifer touched briefly on the Hear at Home services that she offers and the cost of such services.

One of the best Wellness Clinics of the year both tenants and staff were impressed with not only the information but with the easy and friendly manner in which Jennifer conducted the whole session. We at Courtyard Terrace were delighted that Jennifer agreed to share her time and knowledge with us.

Thank You Jennifer

Pauline Leahy
Recreation Coordinator

I felt compelled to write a testimonial on the service I recently received from Jennifer the owner and professional hearing specialist of Hear at Home. I purchased hearing aids from her 4 years ago and she has been very helpful with all of my concerns and issues ever since. This week I managed to pull the receiver off of one of the units accidentally. Jennifer without hesitation not only made time for me on her lunch break the very next day but she also fixed my hearing aid perfectly and didn't charge me. That kind of service level is so rare now a days that I had to write a review about it. I would highly recommend making an appointment with her to discuss and purchase your hearing aids. You will NOT find a more professional caring person in this field.

Fred Dibartolomeo

Just a thank you...once again, for helping come to Selwyn’s hearing aid problems-of which there seem to be many for one reason or another! It was so kind of you to take all the trouble of getting the red one repaired. He actually answered his own phone tonight which he hasn’t done for it seems months.

Many thanks again...


I have used Jennifer's able services for seven years and can thoroughly recommend her knowledge and ability to understand hearing problems.

The time came for new aids came and Jennifer worked with me to get the best help available. She patiently saw me through problems with the domes and am now properly served with a new hearing system. Life is good again.

Betty Silverwood

Just wanted to say a huge thank you from the Outreach Team for coming to help our seniors. Hearing is such a huge isolator and your kind and caring nature and service helps them through this process! You were so supportive to our ladies in helping them take the next steps to maintaining their hearing health. Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you soon.

The Outreach Team
Joni, Judith and Carly

Thank you Jennifer for coming to the house. The convenience of having my 91 year old Moms hearing tested at Home by such a compassionate and professional person such as yourself was a godsend. I will definitely be letting others know about Hear at Home.

D. Coe

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