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I have recently joined the Hear At Home Mobile Clinic team. I am impressed with the high level of customer service that staff are trained to provide to ensure that customers have a good experience when getting their hearing tested and when purchasing or servicing hearing devices. Staff are informative, supportive and understanding to everyone that contacts Hear At Home. This is a great place to work and I love helping our clients. Being able to provide the gift of sound to those in need is very satisfying to everyone on the team!

Sharon Bidder
Hear At Home
Apr 26, 2022

We are so grateful for Jennifer who fitted our mom with her hearing aids. Her gentle and kind character which made my mom feel comfortable and she worked quickly to get the mould done at home. Jennifer is always quick to respond to any questions or concerns and is willing to go the extra mile to make sure the hearing aids are working properly. Thank you for improving my mom’s quality of life.

Isabel Eng
Apr 25, 2022

I have worked at Hear at Home for almost a year now. I cannot rave enough about the owner, Jennifer. Not only is she one of the kindest people I have ever met, but she is also an amazing employer. Jennifer is the best at what she does and always goes above and beyond to make sure her clients and employees are happy. The staff is also a pleasure to work with. They are a great team that looks out for one another and are kind and compassionate. Thank you Jennifer for this great opportunity.

Claudia Harrington
Hear At Home
Apr 21, 2022

Jennifer came to our home to test my mother’s hearing, gave us a report and helped us assess our options. There was no sales pressure and we later bought a set of hearing aids from Hear at Home. The follow-up service was excellent, including 3 review visits to my mother’s care home. It has made a big difference to our ability to communicate with my mom. Highly recommend Hear at Home.

Apr 18, 2022

Both my husband and I received very knowledgeable and caring assistance from Hear at home. Jennifer really cares about her clients and is always willing to go above and beyond with her excellent service and friendly manner. So pleased with my first experience with hearing aids.

Margaret Eldridge
Apr 14, 2022

We met Jennifer by chance and on finding out my son is hearing impaired, she immediately and selflessly offered to help us. I realize Jennifer deals mainly with adults, but she is truly amazing with kids. When she worked with my son, she was engaging, patient and kind. She talked directly to him and helped him understand how the devices worked so he could take ownership and have the confidence to operate everything on his own. It is obvious that Jennifer cares deeply about the people she is working with and enjoys what she is doing. She understands the subtle

Emily James
Apr 7, 2022

Jennifer from “Hear At Home” helped one of my family members pick the right hearing aid. Switching to a hearing aid is not an easy journey for most people; however, Jeniffer made it very seamless and enjoyable by being attentative, genuine, efficient, and professional. She gave us plenty of time and options to try out numerous hearing aids before making the purchase. We highly recommend Hear at Home since it was one of the best service interactions we’ve had in many years. Thank you Jennifer!

Hasti Khaki
Mar 28, 2022

Jen is great. She is always on the ball when it comes to my hearing requirements and willing to drop by the house to deal with them. Fabulous service, A+.

Jay MacDonald
Mar 15, 2022

The staff were very knowledgeable and helpful. I will definitely recommend to family and friends.

Jane Macdonald
Mar 10, 2022

Such a fantastic experience working with Jennifer at Hear at home! She really took the time to understand what was going on with my hearing physically and mentally. She went above and beyond to give me the highest quality care. Highly recommended!

Adam Woodall
Feb 18, 2022

The folks at hear at home are so good at what they, add to this they were and are so nice in treating my 86 r old mothers hearing issues….five star all round service.

Jason Pender
Jan 21, 2022

After years of mom refusing to wear hearing aids, we finally have a pair that are comfortable, easy to wear, and easy to charge. Jennifer was thorough and thoughtful in her recommendation and found us the perfect hearing aids – follow up was very strong as well.
We are very satisfied with the service and product.

Laurie MacCallum
Jan 19, 2022

I went online looking for a hearing aid service that could go to my 95 year old mother’s extended care home. I came across Hear at Home, and they were fantastic! They made the whole process very easy, provided an excellent assessment and plan Including follow up, and recommended the perfect hearing aid solution for my mother’s needs. The pricing was very competitive given the special circumstances. What I appreciated most, was that they made my mother feel very comfortable throughout the process. Highly recommended!

Paul Livingston
Jan 13, 2022

In recent years I realized that I had sustained a hearing loss. A profoundly hearing impaired friend suggested I contact Jennifer Abbott at Hear at Home.
Jennifer was a delight to deal with. She came to my home, tested me, and gave me a number of options. At no time did I feel she was trying to “sell” me something; rather she was giving me information and leaving decisions up to me. She was patient and able to answer all my questions.
I did purchase hearing aids from Hear at Home and they have worked as she described.

Brian Gibbard
Jan 8, 2022

Jennifer has been taking care of my hearing needs for several years now and I picked her specifically because of her offering to come to my home to do my annual tests. The strength of her client reviews helped me make the final decision to call. Jennifer is a consummate professional in that she is well organized, consistent in her communications, prompt in her arrival at our appointments and incredibly supportive in coming up with suggestions to help improve my hearing and word recognition as changes occur. On a scale of 1 to 10 she is an 11 for me!

Deborah Upton
Nov 26, 2021

I was so reluctant to get hearing aids. Jennifer actually made it a wonderful experience! She is so knowledgeable and helpful and supportive. Her customer service is above and beyond. She is so accessible and always very helpful with any questions. She is amazing and I highly recommend her to anyone that needs hearing aids or knows anyone who does

Dani Prem
Nov 18, 2021

A very professional approach and excellent follow-up services were provided. I strongly recommend this company to anyone in the market for hearing aids purchase or service.

Mervyn England
Nov 10, 2021
Jane Iacoviello
Nov 3, 2021

Many thanks to Jennifer who went above and beyond with her customer service! My mother was hospitalized after breaking her hip. She relied on her hearing aids to hear what doctors and physiotherapists were telling her. Unfortunately one of the hearing aids stopped working. I dropped the aid off at the Hear at Home office on a Friday afternoon. The following day Jennifer had fixed it and offered me to pick it up that evening at her home (I couldn’t pick it up during office hours), otherwise we would have had to wait til Tuesday. Then on Sunday we were

Colleen Hawkins
Oct 29, 2021

Jennifer was incredibly helpful to my mother (new client) and I on very short notice, today. She was warm and friendly, thorough and informative, efficient and very fair. We were grateful to learn new hearing aids were not needed, just some cleaning (which she demonstrated clearly) and recalibrating, following a hearing test. I would definitely recommend her business to anyone with mobility issues or privacy concerns or just wanting someone in the business of hearing and hearing support on their side, not beholden to a single manufacturer.

June Milliken
Oct 21, 2021

Jennifer from” Hear At Home” came to my dear mom’s home yesterday to do her hearing test and check her hearing aids.
Her expertise, kind nature and superior service was by far the best mom has ever received. Mom is 90 and I have been taking her to all of her appointments for years, I love the fact I don’t have to drive her anywhere and she receives such better care in her own home. Thank you so much Jennifer and I will be highly recommending you to all of my clientele.

Judy Bjornson
Oct 15, 2021

I have worked with Jennifer before and I see her passion and dedication for helping her clients.. She is very helpful and kind.. I would highly recommend Hear at Home for a reliable and exceptional service.

Remy Leech
Oct 12, 2021

April 30. 2020 – Bailie House – Fraser Health Hello Jennifer, The Hear at Home work you did with our mom continues to add quality to her life, and ours, too. It’s so nice to be able to have two-way conversations with her again!
These days we have been thinking of you often and, interestingly, in a different and deeper way than we did a couple of months ago. We thought you would enjoy knowing why so are sending you this e-mail to explain. Over the years we have supported a number of family members by helping them navigate

Jennifer & Linda
Sep 19, 2021

Jennifer & the Hear At Home staff are amazing. The kindness, warmth, sincerity and genuine concern for their clients and family is like I have never witnessed in a business. It is kind of hard to believe until you experience it. Read the other reviews and there is a consistent pattern in the accolades. They go above and beyond to do right for their clients and make it as easy as possible to handle what can sometimes be hard situations. I completely trust them with my parents and can not recommend them enough to care for your loved ones.

Greg Viger
Sep 12, 2021

I found the service provided to be professional, timely and enjoyable.

Allie Rayner
Sep 3, 2021

Jennifer is awesome. She has repeatedly gone above and beyond try to find hearing solutions for my 102 year old Grandmother. She has been a strong advocate for my Grandmother as well training the care home staff on the proper care and usage of the hearing aids. I would highly recommend Hear at Home for your hearing needs.

TA Shaw
Sep 1, 2021

Jennifer recently fitted my mum, who is 93, with new Hearing Aids. My mum resides in a Long Term Care Facility and Jennifer was able to to use her mobile equipment to get the perfect results. Jennifer is kind, gentle, respectful and worked in a positive manner with my mum to achieve the results that have greatly benefited my mum. Thanks Jennifer.

Wedad Keshavji
Jul 30, 2021

My experience with Hear at Home was the best service interaction I’ve had in many, many years. Jennifer is a gem who went above and beyond the call of duty. Knowledgeable, personable and passionate about getting the issue resolved. I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Hear at Home. I highly recommend Jennifer and Hear at Home. You’ll be so happy you made the call.

Donny Mekilok
Jul 22, 2021

Jennifer, was a real life saver when mom lost one of her hearing aids while at the hospital. Jennifer came to mom’s bedside, took measurements of mom’s ears and ordered a new set of hearing aids. Mom is very happy with both Jennifer and her new hearing aids! After mom returned home, Jennifer visited us at home and checked on mom. Recently, Jennifer visited us again and checked on mom’s hearing aids and gave mom another hearing test. While examining mom’s ears, Jennifer discovered wax build up, and made the suggestion to see our doctor for an ear flush. We

Jul 5, 2021

Jennifer was a most efficient and pleasant professional. She explained all aspects of my mother’s new aids clearly and simply. As my mother is 96 that was essential. She never seemed frustrated when mum needed help with putting the aids in (no matter how many times)! She never hurried with the visits and we both felt more confident with their use after each visit.

Lea Atkinson
May 28, 2021

My Dad was very happy with the service and so was I.  You were very patient and efficient with him.  I was so happy there was a service that could come to him such a big help.  I would highly recommend Hear at Home Mobile Hearing Clinic.

Oriana K
May 19, 2021

Jennifer & Hear At Home is a top rate business with outstanding service. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a very professional and reliable mobile hearing service. This business offers honest, prompt services, bills fairly and provides patient, kind in-person services employing best practises when delivering services to more vulnerable clients including elderly persons living in care with a range of physical and/or social/emotional and/or cognitive challenges. Jennifer maintains very positive relations with care home staff so she is always welcome to service the clients – even during Covid!

Heather Zerr
May 9, 2021

Jennifer’s mobile hearing aid clinic is a fantastic service. My dad lives on Bowen Island, so it was extremely helpful for him to get his new hearing aids without having to travel to the mainland. Jennifer is knowledgable, kind, good-humoured and helpful. She explains the options clearly. We did not feel at all rushed or pressured. We enjoyed the time that Jennifer spent with us, and learned a lot too. My dad is thrilled with his new hearing aid and the improvements it has made to his life. I got my own hearing aids somewhere else – before we knew

Sara Fox
May 4, 2021

I received my new hearing aids this morning and I am so Happy!
Having an in-home hearing test and getting fit with hearing aids while
sitting in your dining room was so convenient. The service is excellent and Jennifer was so thorough and patiently explained every detail to me. I would highly recommend.

Maureen Hutton
Apr 28, 2021

I am very pleased with Hear at Home Mobile Hearing Clinic and the service that Jennifer Abbott provides. She is professional, kind and patient. I highly recommend Jennifer to anyone needing hearing aids.

Phyllis Tartaglio
Apr 27, 2021

I highly recommend Jennifer and Hear at Home not just for the excellent service she provides to my Senior clients but also for the amazing custom ear plugs I received from her for swimming. Hear at Home Mobile Hearing Clinic service standards and professionalism are outstanding and not having to leave home offers a definite advantage to our busy lives. Thank you Jennifer.

Tammy Watson
Apr 13, 2021
Tom Moxey
Apr 2, 2021

When I reached out to get custom fit ear plugs for work Jennifer was able to see me the next day for a fitting and then promptly came back once the ear plugs had been made for a final fitting.
Due to covid she was in full ppe, which is very much appreciated in these times.
I am extremely pleased with my purchase and experience and can’t recommend Jennifer enough!

Jeff Currie
Mar 14, 2021

Hear at Home is a very professional, very calming, very helpful service that comes to you where you live and when you want. I had no idea how important to your brain your hearing is. Jen explained everything to me about the connection between hearing well and being well: mentally – better memory, better social connections, better attitude to living overall. And then, when it came time to try out the hearing aids, she was exceptional – it was like she knows what you’re thinking and answers your concerns even before you ask!! Very calm, very gentle – her manner

Dave and Bon Scott
Feb 16, 2021
Scott Crossan
Jul 20, 2013
Josh Cheng
Aug 7, 2013
Sue Gray
Jan 5, 2014
James McMahon
Jun 8, 2015
Royce Fernandes
Feb 21, 2016

Jennifer is a true professional and a stand out in her field. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone in need of hearing services. She is most caring, and considerate, and will go out of her way to accommodate her clients. Jennifer has done a lot to build her reputation in her community – in particular she has successfully organized and executed a Seniors Flash Mob event (more than once) – coordinating many seniors and local businesses to put on an amazing event each time. Kudos!

Janice Porter
Feb 29, 2016

I had the opportunity to work with Jennifer while I was finishing my education and she was an invaluable piece in my success. But more than the experience she gave me, I do not forget years later that more than anything, Jennifer cares. About her clients, her work, and her community. I saw it in her knowledge and that she is always broadening and sharing her skills. Her approach is one with patience and empowerment. And her involvement is always present whether it’s with other professionals, her clients, or the community at large. From my time with her, Jennifer offers

Melissa Weaver
Apr 13, 2016

Top service!fast and good quality !welcome to contact with me !

Ivan Zhang
Jul 12, 2016

Jennifer from Hear at Home presented to a group of the North Shore Eldercollege at our Speaker Series last fall and she was great.
This was not a sales pitch but a knowledgable, insiteful presentation on hearing Loss.
She also shared her journey as an entrepreneur,which was very interesting to us all.She is a wonderful guest speaker.

Lynne Moran
Mar 13, 2017

I live in Richmond and over the 4 years of using hearing aids I extremely happy with the prompt service that I have received from Hear at Home. I email Hear at Home when I have a question or need help adjusting my hearing aids and I receive replies back the same day answering my questions. Further, I am able to make appointments at convenient locations and times to assist me. In addition, Hear at Home taught me how to use the many features on the hearing aids so I can better utilize them so I can enjoy my activities

Harry Haley
Oct 4, 2017

Jennifer has gone above and beyond our expectations. She is so caring, professional and respectful. She knew just how to talk to my 88 year old father to help him feel comfortable with his first hearing aids, which wasn’t easy. Even if you don’t have limited mobility I would recommend her personal touch over a clinic!

Suzanne Allan
Nov 7, 2017

A few years back I met up with Jennifer and she recommended and fitted me with a crossover hearing aid system. It was amazing and emotional to find and hear my voice again after a 40 year hearing loss. Jennifer continues to support me and my hearing and hearing aid needs with such professional and unique finesse, even though I now live on the island. Hear at Home is a leader in their industry and Jennifer is an amazing person to work with.

Marianne Ketchen
Nov 30, 2017

I can’t say enough good things about Jennifer. When my audiologist flew the coop, I didn’t know where to go for advice and my hearing aids became next to useless, makng a move out of town all the more stressful. My Realtor Ralph Steibel suggested to call Jennifer at Home Mobile clinic. She came the next day, cleaned my hearing aids and showed me how, and advised me on finding an audiologist in my new city. All with kind, freindly service and no charge! What a dear girl! Many thanks Jennifer! -Annette

David Moorhouse
Feb 28, 2018
Kev Mahy
Mar 29, 2018
Catrina Dierks
Mar 30, 2018

Professional, dedicated and compassionate care are but a few of the traits that you can count from Hear at Home.

Carlos Taylhardat
Apr 11, 2018

Jennifer, at Hear at Home Mobile Hearing just fitted this week, my 96 year old Dad, with new hearing aids. I live in Austin, Texas and my Dad is a Nursing Home in North Vancouver. I had tears in my eyes when I received a video from Jennifer of my Dad, with his new hearing aids. It was simply a miracle, as my Dad can now hear everything. I miss my Dad so much, and now I can actually talk to my Dad on the phone now. Home Mobile Hearing Clinic did an amazing job. Signed, A Happy Daughter From

Maren Nolting
Jun 27, 2018

Once again, Jennifer Abbott to the rescue! A damaged hearing aid results in so many issues for my dad – but Jennifer’s thoughtful, professional, and speedy help has reminded me how lucky our community is to have such a skilled practitioner in our midst. Thank you Jennifer and Hear at Home – again! Cindi Johnston

Cindi Johnston
Sep 17, 2018

Jennifer has always been ready to help..she knows her business very well..and I love her to bits and highly recommend her to anyone. Kit Baker

Kit Baker
Apr 29, 2019

What an incredible experience- Jennifer’s caring, knowledgeable & professional approach helped us immensely! We recently had our mom fitted with hearing aids, and with Jennifer’s expertise, the process was smoother & more positive than we could ever expect- from choosing the product to offering advice & guidance for all of us. Most importantly she helped our mom feel comfortable & the result has been truly life-changing. Cannot recommend Hear At Home more highly!! Thank you 🙂

Aurora Scott
Jun 2, 2019

Jennifer is very professional and patient. I would recommend her services to anyone who thinks they, or a loved one, could use some help choosing a hearing device that fits their capabilities and lifestyle.

Jane Thornthwaite
Sep 11, 2019

Jennifer has helped my three seniors enjoy better hearing. She has helped us when aids were misplaced or when my mom was confused about how to use her new aids. Jennifer is patient and carefully explains all the steps. She and her company have been a supportive, caring part of our parents being able to continue to be part of their community!

Heather Shaw
Sep 26, 2019

Jennifer thank you for today with Dad. He greatly appreciate’s the care and attention you give him regarding his hearing loss. It’s such an important part of communication and as he ages he is more aware of the impact of the loss of his hearing. What he learned today will make his holiday in Atlanta more enjoyable- thanks 🙏🏽

Ruth Brown
Oct 18, 2019

Jennifer is amazing. She came to our home to test my great Aunt & Uncle’s hearing. They are both disabled and unable to leave the house. We ordered hearing aids for Auntie, and had a little difficulty from the supplier but Jennifer quickly solved the problem. She followed up to make sure everything went well. She went out of her way to provide hearing aids for Uncle. She was patient, understanding and very accommodating. I really appreciate everything she did for us. Thank you.

Una Ann
Jul 28, 2020

What company sends handwritten Thank you notes anymore? Well … Hear at Home does. Thank you for your excellent service Jennifer . It was a pleasure having you in my home for my first hearing test . It was a nice experience even with all the PPE you had to wear

Francine Morissette
Aug 20, 2020

The service and products that Hearing at Home provide are first rate. Ms. Jennifer Abbott is extraordinarily efficient, competent and always on time. I cannot exaggerate how much I appreciate her aiding me to hear much better.

Basil McDermott
Nov 8, 2020

I don’t usually write reviews for companies, but I just had to share my experience this time. Jennifer was attentive, efficient and professional. My grandmother lost her hearing aid at her nursing home. Jennifer understood the urgency and got it replaced as soon as possible, by rushing to the home as soon as she got the hearing aid mailed to her. Every step of the way, she took the time to communicate with my family as well as the nursing home staff. She would send me pictures and call me to keep me updated. She also made sure that we

Jennifer L
Nov 5, 2020

I was happy to get a call to come in for a hearing check. But I am ecstatic with the new hearing aides.  I can hear much better with my new hearing aides.  Also, I can listen to my podcast and I can talk on my iPhone through my hearing aides.  And I don’t need any extra accessories to do it.  The service is outstanding and I do urge others to use Hear-At-Home over the big chain stores! The quality of the hearing aides and service is much superior.

Harry Haley
Nov 3, 2020

Jennifer was amazing! The personalized in home service was above and beyond. Her caring nature and professionalism is unmatched.
She was extremely helpful to my husband who was suffering with tinnitus and hearing loss.
I have recommended her to friends and will continue to do so in the future.
Sincerely, Karen Bertini

Karen Bertini
Oct 16, 2020

Being on the younger side of the spectrum for those I think would need hearing aids, I was put off by my wife’s insistence to get my hearing checked. Too many “huhs?” and “sorry whats?” lead me to connect with Jennifer and book an appointment, honestly dreading the result. Jennifer’s first at-home visit was incredible. Within an hour she had completed her tests within our home environment, produced a solution and presented the next steps in moving ahead. Her communication was highly professional and her approach to my situation was incredibly authentic and relevant. Over the course of three months,

Simon Manvell
Sep 29, 2020

I met Jennifer in 2009 when I first began working in the senior’s Housing Industry with Chartwell Retirement Residences. I was, and still am, completely impressed with her professionalism, attentiveness and caring demeanor. She can instantly develop rapport with others, especially seniors, making them feel comfortable and trusting. It is such a pleasure having her volunteer her time in our senior communities. I’ve continued to work with Jen outside of Chartwell at special events and industry meetups. She is a wonderful collaborator, support and inspiration. I highly recommend her as an individual and the outstanding service she provides

Leigh Vincent-Lambert
Chartwell Retirement Residences
Aug 8, 2020

Jennifer is a true professional. Her caring way to provide a vital necessity of hearing is amazing. She is mobile which makes appointments easy to keep. Thank you Jennifer for all you do! I highly recommend Hear at Home Hearing Clinic.

Jul 28, 2020

Jennifer is fantastic. My dad isn’t easy to handle but she does an amazing job. Thanks Jennifer

Barrie Penman
Jul 3, 2020

When my elderly father faced the challenges of hearing loss and required hearing aids, we reached out to Hear at Home and received excellent service and care from Jennifer. With a thorough understanding of the challenges my father was going through, given his hearing loss, Jennifer both educated and informed us on the topic. She also provided us with the options best suited for my father to help improve his quality of life. Jennifer’s professionalism and patience were contributing factors in making my dad’s transition to using hearing aids, successful. I would highly recommend Hear at Home.

Amina Valimohamed
Jun 18, 2020

Jennifer was amazing. She went out of her way to help me on short notice and I would highly recommend her service.

Jesse Brightman
Jun 16, 2020

Jennifer has been helping my Mom with her new hearing aids and she is amazing. Jennifer handles all the questions and queries with humor and patience. She has made this an almost enjoyable experience for my Mom. I would recommend this company to anyone needing a hearing test and new hearing aids. Thank you Jennifer, we couldn’t have had a better experience. Vera Eccles

Vera Eccles
Jun 1, 2020

My sister and I feel blessed to have met Jennifer from Hear at Home. Getting our mom the help she needed with her hearing has significantly changed Mom’s life for the better and, thanks to Jennifer, the entire process was pleasant for all of us. Having our mom being able to hear again truly is amazing but equally amazing is the way Jennifer does what she does. Right from the start of the process her calm, friendly demeanor put all of us immediately at ease. We were a bit concerned about how well our mom would handle the actual hearing

My sister and I feel blessed to have met Jennifer from Hear at Home. Getting our mom the help she needed with her hearing has significantly changed Mom’s life for the better and, thanks to Jennifer, the entire process was pleasant for all of us.
Having our mom being able to hear again truly is amazing but equally amazing is the way Jennifer does what she does. Right from the start of the process her calm, friendly demeanor put all of us immediately at ease. We were a bit concerned about how well our mom would handle the actual hearing test but Jennifer’s patience, interjected with appropriate and well-timed humour, had our mom relaxed and understanding what she needed to do in a matter of minutes.
Jennifer has a thorough and clear way of explaining things which was especially valuable when it came to understanding the hearing test results, why she was recommending specific types of hearing aids and how to insert and care for the hearing aids we selected. Her response time to phone calls and e-mails was also very prompt which was also greatly appreciated. As well, Jennifer made a recommendation of an alternate communication device to the telephone which has significantly improved quality and quantity of connecting with our mom.
We highly recommend Jennifer and Hear at Home for anyone in need of a hearing test or devices for themselves or anyone under their care.
Linda Hagen & Jennifer Champagne

Linda Hagen
May 28, 2020

My Father is 100 years old and in excellent health both physically and mentally, except for his hearing. As a WWII veteran, he qualified for top of the line hearing aids but even so he has struggled with his hearing for the past 5 years. Over the last year he became more and more disengaged as it was too hard for him to hear and it seemed like he just gave up trying. It didn’t matter how many times we took him to the ear clinic where he got his hearing aids they kept blaming it on wax. I heard

Patty Lee
May 2, 2020

Jennifer is caring, knowledgeable, professional and comes to your loved ones home to help them get custom hearing aides and provide services to help them hear and communicate better. She clearly explained to me and my Father that the part of his brain that listens and interprets words was becoming impaired since his ears could not hear the words properly. He, and his friends and family members, were so much happier when we could have a proper conversation with him instead of him just nodding and smiling and pretending to hear us. I would highly recommend Hear at Home to

Kim Hall
Apr 18, 2020

I was very pleased to hear about Jennifer at Hear at Home Mobile Hearing Clinic as it is difficult to get my 91 year old Mom out to appointments. Her hearing loss was getting worse and she wasn’t keen about getting hearing aids to the dismay of my sister and me. The way Jennifer gave the hearing test, explained hearing loss and the impact it has on our lives gave my Mom confidence to move forward in getting a pair of hearing aids. Communication is so much better now. Ongoing it is especially helpful that Jennifer does monthly cleaning clinics

Troy Forster
Apr 4, 2020

Ted and I highly recommend Jennifer Abbot-McIntosh and Hear at Home. Jennifer’s knowledge and professionalism easily enabled us to better understand the levels of hearing loss. We also appreciated her openness and consideration of Ted’s concerns regarding hearing aids. At the conclusion of testing, and with her recommendations, we chose a TV assisted hearing device. We are looking forward to returning to Hear at Home in another year to keep Ted’s assessment of hearing loss current.

Lynn Jest
Mar 21, 2020

HEAR AT HOME certainly fulfils all the needs to improve your hearing, and does it right where you live. I’ve been a client for a number of years and I love their caring attention to my needs. I have Phonak hearing aids and a simple Phonak device that improves my hearing the Television. I highly recommend Hear At Home.

Gordi Moore
Mar 12, 2020

Wonderful service, caring and professional. Jennifer, I will recommend you to everyone. Thank you for the gift of hearing.

Helen Murphy
Feb 26, 2020

I chose Jennifer after I read her reviews online. She is the most patient, caring, and knowledgeable hearing professional I’ve ever met. She fitted my 92 year old mother, after testing her at home. She made extra visits until she was satisfied that my mother was comfortable with the most appropriate hearing aids. And whenever I called her or emailed her with a problem, she responded quickly. Jennifer, thank you.
You have a customer for life!

Sanjay Mehta
Jan 9, 2020

Jennifer, at Hear at Home Mobile Hearing just fitted this week, my 96 year old Dad, with new hearing aids. I live in Austin, Texas and my Dad is a Nursing Home in North Vancouver. I had tears in my eyes when I received a video from Jennifer of my Dad, with his new hearing aids. It was simply a miracle, as my Dad can now hear everything. I miss my Dad so much, and now I can actually talk to my Dad on the phone now. Home Mobile Hearing Clinic did an amazing job. Signed, A Happy Daughter From

Maren Nolting
Oct 20, 2019

Super awesome. I liked the whole experience .. besides simple, having a qualified hearing tech. Come to the house.. being involved in the tests .. seeing what % of loss my mom had was so interesting for all of us. Mom especially was amazed and was missing out on so many conversations ..
Even with us yelling, which isn’t a fun way to communicate either since the hearing aids .
. the service continues : ▪hey we need more batteries
▪One of the aids needs fixing
▪Oh good no paper work
▪Everything done and under

Tracey Elderton
Aug 3, 2019

Fantastic service. Jennifer was great with my grandma. Nothing for us to worry about.

Mostafa Jafari
Aug 1, 2019

I arranged for Jennifer to help my mom and we are so happy with her service, professionalism and kindness. Jennifer’s gentle and no-pressure approach is wonderful and we so appreciate her care and attention to our mom. Our experience could not have been better.

Darlene B.
Jul 18, 2019

Jennifer is very thorough and professional. Her communication leading up to the appointment and then following up afterwards was excellent. She was kind, empathetic, and patient in performing a hearing test on my reluctant and sometimes stubborn 93-year-old father-in-law. I would highly recommend her services.

Kevin Steiner
Jun 30, 2019

Jennifer is so kind and helpful, I really appreciated all of the help that she offered. Jennifer really made sure that she offered the best service that she could for me which I really appreciated. The hearing aid she set me up with is amazing and she’s gone out of her way to make sure I had enough batteries and cleaning utensils. Highly would reccomend to others.

Velour Alexander
Apr 30, 2019

Thanks to Hear at Home Mobile Hearing Clinic and Jennifer Abbott my 94-year-old mother is hearing better than she has in years and is enjoying it. Despite the fact that I live in Victoria and my mother lives in Vancouver, Jennifer made it easy for me make all the arrangements from a distance. Jennifer:
• deals well with the elderly and cares about her clients
• takes charge and manages all the details
• is very thorough: she gave me regular updates by telephone and email on how she was progressing. She emailed me photographs of the

Apr 16, 2019

On behalf of my 89 year young client I asked Jennifer to drop by for an assessment of her hearing aids that weren’t working properly. Jen arrived on site the very next day and cleaned everything up so that they were once again working perfectly and my client didn’t even have to leave her home! Excellent service!

Ralph Stiebel
Jan 12, 2019

We all just dread getting old, and having to deal with health issues
My fear was always not being able to hear.
So of course this is the first of one of my fears that I had to deal with. I’ve heard if Jennifer Abbott from a few people and always thought that when this would happen I would go to her. Well today I went to go see her, she was so lovely…made me feel so comfortable and knew all my fears and stresses.
Not only did she spend half the afternoon with me but she

Teresa Mahy
Dec 10, 2018

It was scary having to admit that my hearing was not what it used to be. Meeting Jennifer was the best thing that could have happened. She is such a caring professional that my fears were allayed and with Jennifer’s help and expertise I am now happily wearing my undetectable hearing aids and can hear the birds sing again and I don’t lose the thread of any conversations! I can highly recommend Jennifer to my family and friends.

Ann Henning
Nov 17, 2018

Hi Jennifer A big thank you for making a scene like this possible. Mom has adjusted to using the pocket talker quite easily and the clean ears have definitely helped as well. My oldest son said it was the best visit he had had with her in years. He and his wife and the two girl were just there on Wednesday and as you can see from the photo, she was able to engage with her great granddaughters and they with her.
As for me, it feels again that we can have actual conversations with a real back and

Nov 9, 2018

THANK YOU very much for speaking with the seniors group in our Summer Tuesdays – Active Living for Seniors Program by NSNHouse. You compassion for seniors is clearly evident. Your special in-home assessments and ability to fit hearing aids is most helpful for seniors. Your offered suggestions on how to prevent hearing loss and explanation of the physical changes related to hearing loss. This gives more understanding of others who struggle with hearing.

Lori Wall
Active Living for Seniors - NSNHouse Summer Tuesdays 2012
Oct 4, 2018

I work within the senior community and have referred Hear at Home to several clients. My clients have reported that she is patient, kind and really knows her stuff. I never hesitate in recommending her to clients, family and friends

Pat Love
Sep 28, 2018

Jennifer from Hear at Home has provided my mother with great service Her service provides in home visits and follow ups to ensure that the hearing aids are used properly and work properly

Kathrin Wallace
Sep 9, 2018

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Jennifer during the replacement of my 94 year old mother’s hearing aids. Her genuinely caring attitude is surpassed only by her extremely competent professionalism. I would most definitely recommend Jennifer to anyone requiring the services of a mobile hearing specialist.

Bill McCartney
Sep 3, 2018

Jennifer, your service and knowledge are great, and really helped point us in the right direction. Your genuine care for your clients really comes through in your work. You have been most helpful in this process and I wanted to thank you again for your graciousness.

Salimah J
Aug 25, 2018

Jennifer was very patient and lovely with my mother. As is the case for most older adults, they refuse to believe they need hearing aids. Jennifer was very adept at explaining not only the necessity but how it impacts other areas in her life. She came back twice to ensure the hearing aid fit properly and when my mom was still having some issues, she kindly switched her to another more comfortable style. I would strongly recommend Jennifer, she is very professional and compassionate with the older population.

Nancy LeBlevec
Jul 28, 2018

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer, what a warm loving caring person. I would recommend her for any Anyone who is seeking Advanced hearing. I have worked with seniors, and children helping their parents as they age, The special thing about Jennifer is that she is mobile and for some people that are ageing it’s hard to get around , for us as children with ageing parents it’s hard to arrange for appointments, Jennifer has a convenient mobile service that I would recommend anybody. And as a child of ageing parents her service will truly come in handy——thanks Jennifer

Gianna Beazley
Jul 22, 2018

Just a thank you…once again, for helping come to Selwyn’s hearing aid problems-of which there seem to be many for one reason or another! It was so kind of you to take all the trouble of getting the red one repaired. He actually answered his own phone tonight which he hasn’t done for it seems months. Many thanks again…

Jul 14, 2018

Our first contact with Jennifer was for a hearing assessment for my 90 year old Mum.
Mum was able to be assessed in the comfort of her recliner in her own home and didn’t have to make
numerous trips to a clinic. Jennifer was very professional and knowledgeable and was able to offer us
a wide range of hearing aids. Follow up has been very good as Mum has needed setting changes as her
hearing declines. Jennifer also provides monthly checks and cleaning at Mum’s retirement home. With a family history of deafness on both my

Deborah Foot
Jul 7, 2018

I felt compelled to write a testimonial on the service I recently received from Jennifer the owner and professional hearing specialist of Hear at Home. I purchased hearing aids from her 4 years ago and she has been very helpful with all of my concerns and issues ever since. This week I managed to pull the receiver off of one of the units accidentally. Jennifer without hesitation not only made time for me on her lunch break the very next day but she also fixed my hearing aid perfectly and didn’t charge me. That kind of service level is so

Fred Dibartolomeo
Jun 25, 2018

Enough cannot be said in praise of Hear at Home Mobile Hearing Clinic founder Jennifer Abbott . How wonderful it was to have her come to my home and do my hearing test, make her assessment and order my hearing aids. She returned for fittings and follow ups. All this was done without any pressure to buy which had prevented me from going ahead with any decisions regarding my hearing loss with other companies. Her ongoing service is exemplar. She is always there when needed. Having had a couple accidents with my hearing aids, I speak very knowledgeably of this

Anne Kenway
Jun 18, 2018

I am so impressed with how you conduct the hearing tests with your mobile set up. Being able to hear now when I facilitate meetings feels like a miracle!!

Barbara Kirby
Jun 13, 2018

I was very happy with the service that I received from HEAR AT HOME. Jennifer was very professional and knowledgeable. She was extremely helpful and patient with my 91 year old father. We are very happy with the hearing aids that she recommended for his hearing loss, and they are working just great. Thank-you Jennifer for your excellent service.

Marisa Genovese
Jun 11, 2018

They did my hearing test and it was the most in depth one I ever had. Very professional and highly qualified.

Peter Kennedy
Jun 6, 2018

I always recommend Hear-At-Home to my clients with hearing issues. Jennifer’s service is wonderful! Prompt, caring, knowledgeable care which is always delivered with a smile. If you need advice about your hearing, hearing aids or anything else, Hear At Home is the place to go!

Fiona Kelly
May 29, 2018

Jennifer has been a huge part of our family for years. Her knowledge and compassion have been instrumental in managing a challenging situation with my father – and she has devoted time to the education of the staff at his care home. A personal connection is so important when dealing with aging parents, and I truly value having a relationship with Jennifer and Hear at Home.

Cindi Johnston
May 19, 2018

Thank you Jennifer for coming to the house. The convenience of having my 91 year old Moms hearing tested at Home by such a compassionate and professional person such as yourself was a godsend. I will definitely be letting others know about Hear at Home.

D. Coe
May 12, 2018

Jennifer Abbott of Hear At Home Mobile Hearing clinic recently tested my hearing. I’m not yet 60 but she explained the importance of early testing. Not only is she extremely professional and thorough, she makes the experience comfortable with her lovely, warm personality. I would highly recommend her to my family and friends

taylor wheeler
Apr 29, 2018

I wanted to write a short note to commend “Hear At Home Mobile Hearing Clinic”. I am so happy we found you. You fitted my father with his first hearing aids when he was 85 years old. Over the last two years the quality of his life has been immeasurably improved. It changed our lives too because we could finally communicate again. Dad tells me repeatedly how happy he is with the hearing aids. You may recall he was resistant at first but now would not go a single day without them. I don’t think there can be a better

Rita Williams
West Vancouver, BC
Apr 29, 2018

Jennifer provided a fast, professional service with many service extras provided. She was kind and patient with my elderly father, who is in a public extended care home.

Carrie Spencer
Apr 11, 2018

I resisted doing something about my hearing loss for many years -partly denial on my part, but also because I felt the professional I consulted many years ago seemed more interested in selling hearing aids rather than addressing my needs.
My experience with Jennifer couldn’t have been better. She obviously cares about her clients -using gentle humour to put me at ease. She was patient, thorough and explained everything without overwhelming me with information. I felt totally confident that my needs and well-being was her primary focus.
A whole new hearing world has opened up for me now-I

Heather Prochuk
Apr 4, 2018

I recently had my hearing tested by Hear at Home. I was impressed with the level of professionalism from start to finish. During the testing process Jennifer Abbott made every effort to make sure I was comfortable and explained everything step by step. I would highly recommend Hear at Home to anyone & everyone!!

Clare Arnold
Mar 31, 2018

The way Jennifer cares for her business, and her genuine care for her clients, made working with Hear At Home an exceptionally rewarding experience. It’s people/practitioners like with Hear At Home that inspire me as an upcoming practitioner to want to pursue helping people regain the ability to hear. Because of the unique way the company operates being 100% mobile, I was able to have experiences that are not likely to happen working in a standard office setting. After seeing the behind the scenes of what happens at Hear At Home, I would not hesitate to refer anyone and everyone

Student Practitioner
Mar 10, 2018

My family dealt with Jennifer Abbott at Hear at Home Mobile Hearing Clinic for hearing aids for our 90 yr old mother. Jennifer was extremely patient and understanding in her interactions with our Mum. I was particularly pleased that Jennifer spoke directly to Mum, addressing all questions and responses to her and ensuring her total engagement in the process.
When responses to tests were different, Jennifer spent the time for a retest to ensure accuracy and had new moulds prepared so that Mum got the best possible benefit from her new aids. I would not hesitate to recommend Jennifer

Mar 3, 2018

I would certainly recommend Jennifer – she repaired my aide in recorded time.

Donald G. Riecken
Feb 16, 2018

We were so lucky to have found Jennifer! We needed to having a hearing test done for my Dad for DVA purposes at a time when it was not possible to move him from his LTC facility. She came right to his room to do the testing. She was quick to reply to us, professional and so compassionate and respectful of our situation, not to mention a wealth of knowledge for us! I would highly recommend Hear at Home!

Caroline Pope
Jan 22, 2018

I have been dealing with Jennifer Abbott at “Hear at Home” for 2-3 years and I wouldn’t be more happy with her service. She is exceptionally kind, thoughtful, responds to your messages promptly and does everything she can to help you with ANY problems to do with the hearing aids. She has been a god sent to me. It’s a great service, and thanks.

R. Shellard
Dec 26, 2017

From the day my 88 year old mom and I met Jennifer from Hear at Home, the service has always been friendly, professional and efficient. Jennifer and her staff have been so kind and helpful. They have supported us when we needed assistance in picking the right hearing aid. The staff pops by the house whenever I have asked for some assistance with batteries, adjustments etc. and they are always so pleasant and helpful, they never make you feel like an imposition. I would highly recommend Hear at Home to adult children with parents needed hearing aids. Our entire experience

Nov 13, 2017

On behalf of the Recreation & Rehab team, I want to thank you very much for taking the time to teach us about hearing aids! Very helpful!

Occupational Therapist, Evergreen House
Sep 28, 2017

A few years ago my elderly father began losing his hearing, so I asked the nurses at his care home who they would recommend for a hearing test. Hear at Home was the immediate recommendation. Jennifer Abbott, their registered hearing aid specialist made everything so easy.. from Dad’s first hearing test (done in facility), to taking wax mold impressions, to making a call to the Veterans Association to apply for coverage on his behalf. 3 weeks later she presented us with brand new, state of the art hearing aids, and spent lots of time showing us how to fit them

Carole Vickers and family
Jul 29, 2017

Thank you for your quick attention and service. The unit I borrowed from Karen worked very well for my dad. It will be wonderful having him hear us again

Jun 25, 2017

Jennifer kindly agreed to come and speak about hearing at three North Shore seniors residences where I provide programming for the residents. She gave an engaging presentation covering a numbers of issues around hearing loss as we age including stages people go through when their hearing declines, what to expect when getting your hearing tested and practical advice about purchasing hearing devices. Jennifer’s talk generated many questions and spirited discussion among the residents attending. I listened to the presentation 3 times and learned something new at each session, including strategies on how to cope with my husband’s hearing decline. A

Marilyn Cheveldayoff
Vancouver Coastal Health
May 18, 2017

I have to say, that yesterday’s was the most enjoyable and informative hearing test I’ve ever had. Jennifer Cowtan was most knowledgable and professional, explaining the purpose of each test clearly and taking the time to go over the results. Hear at Home offers a unique combination of home care service with state of the art medical technologies. I know my hearing is now in good hands. Thanks H@H!

May 6, 2017

Working at Hear at Home has truly been an eye-opening and rewarding experience. As a student practitioner who is new to the hearing healthcare field, transitioning to real working environment can be a nervous process. However, Jennifer Abbott and Jennifer Cowtan have been kind, knowledgeable, and patient as they help me acquire the skills I need to succeed in my role. This same sense of professionalism and warmth are consistently seen in their work. I can tell that both Jennifer genuinely care for their clients and their dedication inspire me to make a difference in the lives of those with

Mar 27, 2017

Just wanted to say a huge thank you from the Outreach Team for coming to help our seniors. Hearing is such a huge isolator and your kind and caring nature and service helps them through this process! You were so supportive to our ladies in helping them take the next steps to maintaining their hearing health. Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Joni, Judith and Carly
The Outreach Team
Mar 5, 2017

I have used Jennifer’s able services for seven years and can thoroughly recommend her knowledge and ability to understand hearing problems. The time came for new aids came and Jennifer worked with me to get the best help available. She patiently saw me through problems with the domes and am now properly served with a new hearing system. Life is good again.

Betty Silverwood
Feb 15, 2017

Jennifer from Hear at Home came to Courtyard Terrace May 2016 to inform the tenants about hearing loss and the progression of it along with some solutions that individuals might find useful in the event that they are in that situation. The talk was informative and all 24 of the tenants sat listening for over an hour; some even staying longer to ask questions. Jennifer’s easy, kind and professional manner, as she quickly reshuffled the seating arrangements for those with hearing difficulty, endeared her to the tenants – it was more than clear, through her actions, that she cared about

Pauline Leahy
Recreation Coordinator, Courtyard Terrace
May 8, 2016

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