The 10 Reasons to Choose Hear at Home

10 Reasons

01 - A Five-Star Reputation

With over 100 5-star reviews on Google and a reputation as the most trusted hearing care experts across Greater Vancouver, we’ve established a reputation for delivering the highest standards of hearing care as well as great customer service.

02 – Focused on Families

Hearing loss doesn’t just impact the person with hearing loss, it impacts the people around them. That’s why much of our time is spent working with families to help mom/dad and working with them to find convenient visit times and helpful ongoing care.

03 - Trusted by Care Facilities Across Greater Vancouver

With relationships with many care facilities and assisted living facilities across Greater Vancouver, we’re trusted by hundreds of residents and carers.

04 – Delivering Ultimate Convenience

Whether you struggle to travel to appointments due to mobility challenges, or you live a busy lifestyle and struggle to take time away from work/your family to visit a hearing care professional, our mobile hearing care services mean that we can travel to you and work around your schedule.

05 - Both Mobile and In-Clinic Services

With both a mobile and in-clinic offering, you can receive hearing care to your preferences, even choosing to mix both.

You can either have all your hearing care support delivered mobile, within our state-of-the-art clinic, or you can have a combination of both.

We work to your preferences!

06 - Brand New State-of-the-Art Clinic

In September 2022, we opened the doors to our new clinic at Delbrook Plaza. We poured our heart and soul into making this ‘our home’ and ensuring it keeps all those homely touches that make it a place you enjoy visiting rather than a stuffy medical environment!

With the latest testing equipment, it ensures that you can receive advanced hearing healthcare the right way.

07 - Trusted by Local Doctors

There’s no greater honour than being trusted by local medical professionals for our levels of hearing healthcare.

With many local doctors often advising patients to contact us, it’s a great pleasure to continue to meet their high expectations!

08 - Access to All Levels of Hearing Technology

Unlike many hearing care professionals, we do not limit ourselves to one hearing aid manufacturer. Instead, we stay independent to ensure that we can only choose the perfect solution for every patient’s unique circumstances, needs and budget.

09 – Transparent and Simple Pricing

With trust and transparency being so important to our long-lasting relationships with patients and families, we have developed a simple and honest set of treatment plans that have no hidden fees and come with our ‘Hear at Home’ promise.

10 - Evening and Weekend Appointments Available

If you are helping your Mom/Dad on their hearing health journey, then it can be very inconvenient when the only appointment times are during your working hours. That’s why we offer flexibility with evening and weekend appointments available upon request.

If you’re looking for the ultimate convenience, then we’ll do our very best to help!

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Meet Your Team

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