Virtual vs In-Person Hearing Loss Assessment

Virtual vs In-Person Hearing Loss Assessment
The first place the average person looks for answers to any problem these days is online. With such a convenient method for accessing a huge library of information, it is really no surprise that the world wide web would be the first stop for solutions. However, when getting information, tips, and recommendations online it is extremely important to ensure your sources are credible. An abundance of misinformation and an endless line of potential swindlers can quickly lead you down the wrong path.

Are Online Hearing Tests Accurate?
If you are experiencing symptoms of hearing loss you may have been searching for answers online to see what type of assistance is required and available. As you may have noticed there is an extensive selection of online hearing tests available to assess your possible hearing loss. While these are online hearing tests are becoming more sophisticated, they are certainly no replacement for a professional diagnosis.

How do online hearing tests work?
Online hearing tests typically consist of a series of questions followed by a sequence of tones and sounds to check your hearing ability and accuracy.

Can online hearing tests provide an accurate assessment?
In short, there is no real way for an online hearing test to deliver an accurate assessment no matter how sophisticated it is. Too many external factors can come into play to impact the results. For one thing, there is no way for an online test to take the background noise you are exposed to into account. Also, the sounds you are hearing will only be as good as the quality of the speakers they are coming through. Plus, there is no way for an online test to detect any physical or structural damage to the anatomy of the ear.

Are online hearing tests useful?
While the results of an online hearing test will not offer a definitive and accurate assessment, it can still be beneficial. An online test may provide a good indication if further assessment is needed for your hearing loss. Especially if an online hearing test is the first step towards taking action to address hearing loss issues, then it can be very helpful to get on the right path to treatment and management.

Virtual and Mobile Hearing Services
While generic online hearing tests are not likely to provide you with the answers you are looking for about hearing loss, there are virtual and mobile hearing services available to give you the information you seek without even having to leave the house.

Virtual Assessment
A great way to get the ball rolling is through a virtual meeting with a hearing professional. This can help determine if an in person evaluation is necessary. This is a good way for the experts to get some background information and perform a few light tests to determine the severity of the hearing loss and what the appropriate next steps should be.

Mobile Hearing Services
For people in the Greater Vancouver area, complete mobile hearing aid and hearing clinic services are available with Hear at Home. Individuals struggling with mobility issues, or for those that just may not have the time or the means to get to a clinic, these services can be tremendously beneficial.

Hearing assessments need to be done by a professional in order to get a comprehensive picture of your auditory health. A hearing professional will take into account your work and lifestyle history, hearing loss symptoms and how long you’ve been having them, and relevant medical information. The physical make up of the ear also varies from person to person, and a professional can also check for wax or fluid buildup and damage to the tiny hairs in the inner crucial to hearing ability.

For a precise diagnosis of hearing loss severity, a range of potential variables and external factors must be considered. If you are experiencing any symptoms of hearing loss, taking early action can help minimize the damage and impact on daily life.

Customer Care Team

Customer Care Team

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