Carlos Taylhardat

Professional, dedicated and compassionate care are but a few of the traits that you can count from Hear at Home.

David Moorhouse

I can’t say enough good things about Jennifer. When my audiologist flew the coop, I didn’t know where to go for advice and my hearing aids became next to useless, makng a move out of town all the more stressful. My Realtor Ralph Steibel suggested to call Jennifer at Home Mobile clinic. She came the […]

Marianne Ketchen

A few years back I met up with Jennifer and she recommended and fitted me with a crossover hearing aid system. It was amazing and emotional to find and hear my voice again after a 40 year hearing loss. Jennifer continues to support me and my hearing and hearing aid needs with such professional and […]

Suzanne Allan

Jennifer has gone above and beyond our expectations. She is so caring, professional and respectful. She knew just how to talk to my 88 year old father to help him feel comfortable with his first hearing aids, which wasn’t easy. Even if you don’t have limited mobility I would recommend her personal touch over a […]

Harry Haley

I live in Richmond and over the 4 years of using hearing aids I extremely happy with the prompt service that I have received from Hear at Home. I email Hear at Home when I have a question or need help adjusting my hearing aids and I receive replies back the same day answering my […]

Francine Morissette

What company sends handwritten Thank you notes anymore? Well … Hear at Home does. Thank you for your excellent service Jennifer . It was a pleasure having you in my home for my first hearing test . It was a nice experience even with all the PPE you had to wear

Lynne Moran

Jennifer from Hear at Home presented to a group of the North Shore Eldercollege at our Speaker Series last fall and she was great. This was not a sales pitch but a knowledgable, insiteful presentation on hearing Loss. She also shared her journey as an entrepreneur,which was very interesting to us all.She is a wonderful […]