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Steps to Better More Reliable Hearing

Do I Need A Hearing Instrument?

Many like to think a hearing instrument is unnecessary because they hear perfectly well. Hearing loss, however, is deceiving. While many sounds may be audible, others โ€“ especially those that enhance speech clarity โ€“ may have faded.

Confirmed Hearing Loss - Now What?

Having a hearing instrument tailored to your needs and preferences takes more than one appointment. Typically, at least three appointments are necessary to identify the scope of your hearing difficulties. Once that is settled, further appointments are usually scheduled to fit and fine tune the hearing instruments to your needs.

Untreated Hearing Loss

Frequently Asked Questions

Untreated hearing loss can cause embarrassment, social stress, tension and fatigue. It can also cause sadness and depression, and can affect your enjoyment of social activities. Less than half of people that have a significant hearing loss seek treatment.

Yet the majority of people who receive help for their hearing loss report a significantly improved quality of life including better personal relationships, self-esteem and overall health.

How Well do you Hear?

Hearing Self Test

Some signs of Hearing Loss:

  1. You ask others to repeat what they say.
  2. Background noises make conversation difficult.
  3. Your television or radio are too loud for others.
  4. Family/friends are concerned about your hearing.
  5. You avoid social situations and are losing interest in activities that were once enjoyable.
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