Hearing Aid Fittings

Hearing Aid Fitting

The hearing aid fitting and follow-up appointments will happen in the comfort of your home. We will program your new hearing aids for your hearing loss and teach you, your family, and your caregivers how to put the hearing aids in and take them out. We will show you how to care for the aids and how to clean them.

We do not rush these appointments. We want you to feel comfortable fully understanding how your new devices work and best care for them. Hearing aids are minicomputers placed in wet waxy ears, so regular cleaning is essential. A lot of clinics offer to clean the hearing aids for you. While this is an excellent service, it can also take an hour out of your day for something that only takes a few minutes at home. 

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My family dealt with Jennifer Abbott at Hear at Home Mobile Hearing Clinic for hearing aids for our 90 yr old mother. Jennifer was extremely patient and understanding in her interactions with our Mum. I was particularly pleased that Jennifer spoke directly to Mum, addressing all questions and responses to her and ensuring her total… Read more “DBL”

Mar 3, 2018