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Below are a variety of hearing aid products and accessories that can help you with your hearing. To learn more about each product, click each thumbnail or link.

The hearing aids of today are sleek, sophisticated pieces of equipment scientifically engineered to delivered the best hearing experience possible. Chances are you can hear the voices that are directly in front of y  ou when in quiet situations, but have trouble hearing when the noise level increases, like when you are in a restaurant with family and friends. The most advanced modern digital hearing aids are designed to constantly analyze the sounds of the various environments and automatically select the appropriate programming mode for specific situations.

If you have hearing loss or even if you have normal hearing you may benefit from using an assistive listening device. These devices can increase the loudness of a desired sound, such as radio, television or a public speaker. Various types of products exist, including TV listening systems, telephone amplifying devices and auditorium type assistive listening systems.

Everyone is exposed to loud noise at some time in his or her life. Lawn mowing, fitness classes, truck and tractor pulls, airplanes, table saws, rock concerts, snowmobiles – all these environments can permanently damage your hearing. Hear at home offers a wide range of custom earmolds for industrial use. In addition, we supply earmolds for personal use (i.e., swim molds, musician earplugs, sleeper molds, and many more custom products). Contact Hear at Home to enquire about the variety of custom products.

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