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phonak instructional videos

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How to change a cerustop on a BTE, RIC

How to change a cerusheild on a BTE, RIC

How to clean and change cerustop on a custom ITE

How to change a cerustop on a BTE, RIC with custom earmold

How to pair Audeo Marvel and Paradise to your iPhone.

How to do a hard re-start if your hearing aids are not charging

Inserting the BTE RIC with a custom earmold correctly

Phonak Audeo Marvel & Paradise Volume & On/Off button

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What an incredible experience- Jennifer’s caring, knowledgeable & professional approach helped us immensely! We recently had our mom fitted with hearing aids, and with Jennifer’s expertise, the process was smoother & more positive than we could ever expect- from choosing the product to offering advice & guidance for all of us. Most importantly she helped… Read more “Aurora Scott”

Aurora Scott
Jun 2, 2019