Optimize Hearing Aid Function With Smartphone Hearing Aid Apps

It seems like there is a smartphone app for almost anything these days, including a wide range of apps that focus on improved health and wellbeing. Hearing loss is one of the most prevalent health issues affecting a significant percentage of the Canadian population. It is estimated that roughly 1 in 5 Canadians are currently living with some degree of hearing loss. Hearing loss is a progressive condition that gets worse over time if not properly addressed and treated. Hearing aids are generally the most effective treatment for hearing loss, with a wide range of devices available to fit particular needs.

Benefits of Hearing Aid Smartphone Apps

Smartphone apps can be used to control and adjust pretty much every aspect of daily life and routines you might need them to. From home security to automated thermostat and other home appliances, smartphone apps provide a convenient control option. There is also an assortment of apps that focus on monitoring and improving health.

Hearing Aid Adjustments

Hearing aids can be adjusted depending on the situation and environment you are in. An array of settings are available for filtering out background noise, adjusting bass and treble, and other user preferences. A smartphone app will you to make these adjustments quickly and easily without even having to remove the device from your ear.

Check Device Status

Like with any technological device, a certain degree of maintenance and status checks are required to keep it functioning at an optimal level. Rather than having to take your hearing aids to an audiologist for a check-up, a smartphone app can be used to check the device’s status. Regular maintenance checks help keep the device in good working order and prevent issues or malfunctions. Notifications can be set for appointment reminders, important updates, and when new settings become available.

Access Customized Sound Files

Personalized hearing programs can be created to arrange ideal settings on your device to cater to a specific environment. For example, you have a favourite restaurant or café that you frequent but have difficulty hearing due to noise or echo. Hearing aid settings can be adjusted and saved with a smartphone app to be easily accessible anytime you are in that environment.

Directly Connect to Audio

Connect hearing aids directly to a variety of audio sources using a smartphone app. This allows the user to stream music, TV shows, phone calls, and video chats directly to the hearing device.

Find My Hearing Aids

This feature is great for quickly locating lost or misplaced hearing aids.

Hearing Tests and Assessments

Smartphone apps can also provide the ability to connect with an audiologist or hearing care professional. This is extremely useful for individuals with limited mobility or during a pandemic when the opportunity for in-person contact is restricted. Hearing care providers can offer hearing tests, hearing aid adjustments, hearing aid fittings, and much more, all delivered remotely.

Recommended Hearing Aid Apps

There are all kinds of smartphone apps that can help improve hearing aid functionality and keep devices operating smoothly. Some suggested apps to explore include:

  • ReSound Smart 3D – program control, volume control, personalized settings, sound enhancers, tinnitus management, battery monitoring, customized programs, find my hearing aids, connect with hearing care professionals
  • Signia – program control, volume control, mask mode, battery status, audio streaming, hearing lessons, tinnitus adjustment, connect with hearing care professionals
  • Oticon On – program control, volume control, audio streaming, find my hearing aids, HearingFitness feature, battery status, tinnitus relief

These are just a few examples of the diverse range of apps available to download to your smartphone. Hearing aid apps can be incredibly useful when paired with your hearing aid device, it is recommended to consult with a hearing professional to determine the best app for your specific needs.

Customer Care Team

Customer Care Team

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