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Hearing Protection

Everyone is exposed to loud noise at some time in his or her life. Lawn mowing, fitness classes, truck and tractor pulls, airplanes, table saws, rock concerts, snowmobiles – all these environments can permanently damage your hearing. Hear at home offers a wide range of custom earmolds for industrial use.

Hearing Protection
  • Vancouver Construction And Industrial Workers
  • Medical Professionals
  • Communication Personnel
  • Aircraft Workers
  • Musicians
  • For Shooting Activities
  • For Motor Sports

Custom Swim Plugs

vancouver custom swim plugs
Custom Swim Plugs

Custom swimming plugs in Vancouver are molded specifically for your ear to keep water out of the ear canal. Preferred by swimmers, surfers and doctors to reduce the risk of water born infection.

Custom moulded swimming plugs are particularly relevant for children whose ears are more prone to infection than adults and for swimmers or surfers who can suffer from the swimmers ear if they swim without protection.

If you or your children are prone to swimmers ear, ear infections or have recently had surgery (e.g. tubes), keeping the ear dry while swimming or bathing is imperative.

Protect your hearing!

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